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Getting ready for a new Governor……Who’s who…..Joe Percoco

The next Governor of the Empire state almost anyone will answer is going to be Andrew Cuomo…The One time HUD Secretary and One time Kennedy son – law…is poised to sweep thru the Democratic primary and win the general election with little or no real opposition…..

The person that will be helping to guide that transformation is a up to now little known Special Assistant to the New York Attorney General……

Joe Percoco……

[ Joseph Percoco, left, special counsel to Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, center, at the Capitol in Albany in 2008. ]

Little is know about him……..

He’s a Lawyer, and  a advance man for the Governor and much more than that……..

He’s the AG’s Protector…….

Few people outside of New York political circles have ever heard of Mr. Percoco, 40, a former high school linebacker and advance man for the attorney general’s father, Mario M. Cuomo, when he was governor.

But as Mr. Cuomo prepares to formally enter the governor’s race, Mr. Percoco, who holds the state job of special counsel to the attorney general, is emerging as a powerful and sometimes provocative figure.

“I was kind of shocked that this guy would respond to this article this way,” said Mr. Dietl, who has clashed with the Cuomos occasionally in the past.

Those who know Mr. Percoco personally are less shocked. Even by the standards of the Cuomo world, where loyalty is highly prized and grudges long kept, Mr. Percoco is known as intensely devoted to Mr. Cuomo and quick to respond to slights, real or perceived. A call about Mr. Percoco frequently yields a hurried clarification that the conversation is off the record, followed by protestations of his gentle nature. Those willing to discuss their disagreements with him say they respect his directness.

“Everyone should have someone like that working for them,” said Jack Kittle, the painters’ union official. “You don’t see that very often today. He has no other interest or agenda except in being the man behind the man.”


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