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Daniel…….Rep. Bart Stupak (Mich-D) WILL retire………

Hello Dog and good morning!

What a bad start for your Party into this Friday.

POLITICO reports Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI 1) to announce RETIREMENT today.


Daniel G.

Well Daniel…..

I asked the question about wanting to fight the Healthcare wave……

This is the answer……Nope!

It appears the back lash, outrage and harassment was a whole worst then reported ……

This from The Hill…..

Rep. Bart Stupak is expected to announce his retirement Friday, weeks after his critical role in healthcare’s passage.

Stupak, the centrist Michigan Democrat who crafted a last-second deal on abortion that allowed President Barack Obama’s healthcare bill to pass the house and become law, will say during a press conference this morning that he won’t pursue reelection this fall.

Stupak has been wrestling with whether to retire for weeks, and the brutal healthcare fight certainly played a role in his decision.

Stupak told The Hill that fighting the healthcare bill had been “a living hell” a little more than a week before the bill was approved by the House.

Telephone lines to his office were jammed, and he and his wife received nasty calls at home.

“All the phones are unplugged at our house — tired of the obscene calls and threats. She won’t watch TV,” Stupak said during the interview. “People saying they’re going to spit on you and all this. That’s just not fun.”

Things didn’t get easier for Stupak after he reached a deal with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other Democrats that allowed his group of anti-abortion rights centrist Democrats to vote for the healthcare bill.


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  1. james,

    Harry Reid (D-NY) better had RETIRED too.

    Comment by Daniel G. | April 9, 2010 | Reply

  2. He, he, he….. you had to throw that in, huh?

    Comment by jamesb101 | April 9, 2010 | Reply

    • I mean that serious. I think Berkley may have had the Chance to hold Reid’s Seat. With Reid in your Chances are close to ZERO.

      Comment by Daniel G. | April 9, 2010 | Reply

  3. We’ll see…if it REALLY stay hopeless…He’ll have no choice……

    Comment by jamesb101 | April 9, 2010 | Reply

  4. james,

    Check this out:

    Will there be more Senate Retirements?

    FL Sen. George Lemieux thinks so.


    And from “The Hill”


    so who could that be: Murray? Mikulski?

    Comment by Daniel G. | April 9, 2010 | Reply

  5. From Charlie Cook: Immediate Rating Change

    Michigan 1 moves from “Solid Republican” into “Toss-Up”

    Stupak Retirement Moves MI-01 from Solid Democratic to Toss Up

    Rep. Bart Stupak’s decision not to seek a tenth term in his northern Michigan district moves yet another previously safe Democratic seat into the Toss Up column and brings the number of highly vulnerable Democratic open seats to a dozen (still only about half the number of vulnerable open seats Democrats had to defend in 1994). During the health care fight, Stupak may have attracted more national notoriety than any representative in the Upper Peninsula ever has, but most of his critics were well outside his district and Stupak was very unlikely to lose the primary or general elections.

    Without Stupak on the ballot, however, expect a free-for-all. This geographically huge district is as politically mixed as they come. In fact, no district voted more narrowly for President Obama in 2008. Here, deep roots in the community matter more than party affiliation. When Stupak (who is from Menominee on the Upper Peninsula) first won this seat in 1992, 54 percent of 1st CD residents lived on the Upper Peninsula. Due to population loss and redistricting, 53 percent of residents now live south of the Mackinac Bridge. Prior to Stupak’s election, Republicans had held this seat since 1966.

    To keep this seat in the current political environment, Democrats will need to field a culturally conservative candidate with impeccable northern Michigan credentials. Look for plenty more Republicans besides the only current announced candidate, surgeon Dan Benishek, to take a look at the race. This seat moves from the Solid Democratic column to the Toss Up column.
    Read on


    Comment by Daniel G. | April 9, 2010 | Reply

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