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Daniel….Washington Senate: Murray leads announced Challengers between 8-10 Point; However with Rossi is she leads only barely….

Hello Dog!

Will he or won’t he – this time it’s Dino Rossi (R-WA) I’m speaking of. According to a new Statewide Survey in the Evergreen State Incumbent Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) leads her announced Challengers in the 8-10 Point Range. However if Dino Rossi makes the Race she only leads him barely.

Rasmussen Survey

Washington Senate

General Election

Incumbent Senator Patricia Lynn Murray (D)  48 %
Former State Senator Dino Rossi (R)  46 %
Others  3 %
Undecided  4 %

Incumbent Senator Patricia Lynn Murray (D)  48 %
State Senator Don Benton (R)  40 %
Others  4 %
Undecided  8 %

Incumbent Senator Patricia Lynn Murray (D)  47 %
Former Pro-Football Player Clint Didier (R)  37 %
Others  5 %
Undecided  11 %

Incumbent Senator Patricia Lynn Murray (D)  46 %
Businessman Chris Widener (R)  37 %
Others  5 %
Undecided  12 %

Incumbent Senator Patricia Lynn Murray (D)  45 %
Businessman Paul Akers (R)  37 %
Others  5 %
Undecided  13 %

Major Candidates Campaign Websites:



This Race will become a true Toss-Up should Rossi pull the trigger. However with Murray’s mediocre Numbers……. particularly against the 2 Business Candidates Widener & Akers……. something seems possible here even if Rossi doesn’t run.

Daniel G.

The Question is Daniel…….Will Rossi run?

Keep wishing……

The guy don’t seem to be in hurry…Maybe he STILL doesn’t want to run?

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  1. With all the Noises he’s making and the continuing Fall from Dems after their crap Bill passed I’d say right it’s more than 50/50 that he’ll run. Keep in mind if Rossi runs we don’t need Thompson and vise-versa.

    Comment by Daniel G. | April 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. We’ll see

    Comment by jamesb101 | April 10, 2010 | Reply

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