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Netanyahu will not attend the Nuclear security summit in Washington next week…..

Things have not been good for the Netanyahu’s Israeli Administration at all…..

First they come into power facing an Obama Adminstration that has changed the game plan on seeking peace in the region……

Obama ‘s White House comes out forcefully against any expansion of settlements in area’s the Palestinians claim is theirs…

The the Israeli’s get caught on camera going in for a ‘wet’ job and get hell for using other countries forged paperwork (that happens all the time, though…all the intel people do it)…

Then Bibi consents to a ultra right factions insistence on the settlements…..

While the reason give by the Israeli’s for Netanyahu’s cancellation (The israeli  Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor will go in Bibi’s place ) is worrys over Israel’s nuclear program…..the fact of the matter is Bibi is in a jam…

His own country men ans woman are not happy with the bad relations with the United States and the Europeans….

The Dog cautions that Bibi is skating on very thin ice here and could see his government coalition fail very soon…

Obama under Hillary Clinton ‘s eye is not gonna back down…….

And the Palestinian’s have gotten smart and gone non-violent thus out flanking Netanyahu’s government  and earning world sympathy….

Leaders and top officials from 47 countries have announced that they will attend the summit, which will focus on securing nuclear materials around the globe so they cannot fall into the hands of terrorists. Obama has made the issue one of his signature priorities, and the gathering will mark one of the largest gatherings of heads of state and government in Washington in the city’s history.

Netanyahu’s decision not to attend the summit comes at a low point in U.S.-Israeli relations. The Obama administration is still awaiting a response from Netanyahu to U.S. demands that he take confidence-building steps to engender indirect talks with the Palestinians, such as halting Jewish construction in areas of Jerusalem that Palestinians hope to claim as their capital.

Yet Netanyahu was not expected to meet with Obama during the summit — which takes place Monday and Tuesday — and there was no indication that the cancellation of his trip was related to the ongoing U.S.-Israeli tensions. The Israeli government said Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor, who deals with atomic issues, will take Netanyahu’s place.

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