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Supreme Court Justice Stevens will retire……..

The Supreme Court announced Friday that Justice John Paul Stevens will retire.

This has been a open secret for the past year……

The almost 90 year old Justice will throw in the towel giving President Obama another Justice to appoint to the Nation’s highest court…..

The White House having been signaled thru back channels has been laying the ground work for Stevens replacement…which will certainly in the same policy mode as the Justices center left leanings……

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens will retire, the high court’s press office said Friday.

His departure after nearly 35 years on the bench will give President Obama another opportunity to shape the court.

Stevens, who turns 90 on April 20, was not on the bench for a brief public session Monday; the court will hold its next public session in two weeks.

Speculation over Stevens had increased after he confirmed last fall he hired only one law clerk for the next court term, which begins in October. Sitting justices can hire four law clerks, while retired members get only one.

The White House has quietly but actively prepared for weeks in anticipation of a vacancy, government sources said.

Obama nominated Justice Sonia Sotomayor last year, putting the first Latina on the court.

Democrats cited the choice as a uniting force among progressives, saying it gave the president a signature moment in his first year in office. White House officials privately express hope another high-profile nomination would build political momentum in an election year.

More from CNN…….

From Daniel……

We’ve BREAKING NEWS out of Washington D.C.

POLITICO reports Liberal Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens to RETIRE this Summer.


Very interesting Friday. First Stupak and now Stevens.

Daniel G.

Yes Daniel…gonna be a typical big news Friday!….

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