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The Army needs to get few ‘old and slow’ fighter aircraft…..and Obama needs to man-up and order Gates to stop screwing the Army……

The Dog has just finished reading a piece in Politics Daily…..

“The thing that really holds us back is ‘loiter time,”’ Air Force Lt. Col. Doug “Cinqo” DeMaio told me. He’s an F-16 pilot and fighter squadron commander, and by “loiter” he meant the amount of time he can idle in the sky waiting for an urgent request from the ground. “We end up dong a lot of yo-yo ops,” he said — zooming away to rendezvous with a tanker and zooming back to be on call.

With anger and frustration mounting for both airmen and infantry, it seems relevant to ask why the Air Force doesn’t reach back to a solution that worked decades ago.

During the Vietnam War, the Air Force sent into battle several different models of low-cost, low-altitude, low-speed airplanes designed to float over the battlefield, help coordinate the ground troops, and occasionally attack the enemy. The grunts and pilots sometimes called them, admiringly, “mud fighters.”

These planes, among them the OV-10 and the A-1 Skyraider, could loiter for hours over the battlefield, working closely with the ground commander and sometimes even landing nearby so the pilot and infantrymen could bend over a map and plan in detail — a benefit not easily available to today’s jets that streak in from afar.


The author spend the first two-thirds of the piece explaining how the Air Force should have piston type aircraft flying low cover for the troops on Afghanistan…..

He supplys good reasons to add the old  and slow WW II type aircraft with bombs and rockets and a gun to hang around and supply constant air cover……

As I’m reading the linked piece I begin to smile and shake my head…..

Is this f*#king kidding me?????

The United States Air Force has and exhaustive taste for fast-moving, ‘sexy’ aircraft…..

They ain’t gonna bite for a Slow and Ugly single seated ‘crop duster……

Nope….No Way….

So when the author gets to that part towards the end of the piece the Dog goes back to a Post he wrote a few months ago…..


The Army is getting screwed…..

Now they are getting ‘the finger’ from the Air Force again…..

Gates who I have admired from the jump is looking worst to me everyday……

First he takes the C-27J from the Army….

Then he does the Marine One debacle…..

Now he does stand up again and let the Army drive a new or old close air support aircraft…..

Yep you heard me…..

Secretary Gates stop screwing the US ARMY!

Let them …like the Marines…..Take care of their own….

Give them back the inter- theater mini cargo turbo prop C-27J…..

and Give then….not the dam Air Force…and ‘old slow’ and cheap close support aircraft….

Let the Air Force keep their jets…

As a matter of fact…… for the price of two F-35’s …..The army could have about Five squads of old WWII types birds or Three squads of one the new FOREIGN made close support aircraft!

[ Pictured here is the EMB-314 ….a modern day close support aircraft..piston driven…..]

But the Dog has lost his faith in Gates who seems to forgotten the speech he game to commanders a year ago about taking care of the troops…..

And The Commander – in – Chief needs to ‘man-up’ and make this right…even if he’s got tell Gates to get ‘his stuff’ together……

Nuff said………


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