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What happens to Middle East Policy when the diplomats favor one country over another?

The Dog  did a post a few days ago about how Benjamin Netanyahu is in trouble with the Obama Administration over settlements in Jerusalem….

The Obama Administration is taking a hard line against the Israeli position of counting on the two countries friendship…..while trying to exact more land from the Palestinian’s .

The ultra right parties in Israel  insistence’s that they will NEVER  settle for a peace agreement  is not what Hillary Clinton and Obama is going keep accepting….

Today I’m ‘reading in ‘for the Dog when I come across a piece that makes me say, ah!


This piece throws some light on how the past Washington administration’s’ looked the other way’…while Isreal operated …..

The author takes issue with the feelings of Dennis Ross…who has  handled Israel  policy for the US in the past, and is now part on the current White House team….

There is a question of his impartiality in dealing with Israeli and representing the United States……

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Barack Obama as President do not have that problem ….which has turned out to be Netanyahu’s problem…..

If you would like to read a textbook example of a dust-kicking operation, please look at Robert Satloff’s heated response to my recent post explaining the problems that can arise when top-level foreign policy officials have strong attachments to a foreign country.  I seem to have struck a nerve.

There are only two important issues here, and Satloff ignores both of them. First, do some top U.S. officials — and here we are obviously talking about Dennis Ross — have a strong attachment to Israel? Second, might this situation be detrimental to the conduct of U.S. Middle East policy?

Regarding the first question, there is abundant evidence that Ross has a strong — some might even say ardent — attachment to Israel. These feelings are clearly on display in his memoir of the Oslo peace process, and they are confirmed by his decision to accept a top position at the Washington Institute of Near East Policy (WINEP) — an influential organization in the Israel lobby-upon leaving government service in 2000. As Middle East historian Avi Shlaim put it in his own review of Ross’s book:

Ross belongs fairly and squarely in the pro-Israel camp.  His premises, position on the Middle East and policy preferences are identical to those of the Israel-first school. Indeed, it is difficult to think of an American official who is more quintessentially Israel-first in his outlook than Dennis Ross.”

Furthermore, Ross served in recent years as chairman of the board of the Jewish People’s Policy Planning Institute, a think-tank established by the Jewish Agency, which is headquartered in Jerusalem. Satloff does not mention this key fact, but the implications are unmistakable. Why would anyone take such a job if they did not have a deep-seated commitment to Israel?

Please check the rest of the piece out.……

It answers quiet few questions in why there has been no movement in thew Middle East peace process for a while…..

Here’s the original insightful Stephan M. Walt piece……

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  1. the trouble here is OUTSIDE GROUPS

    that are neither Israeli or Palestinian that keeping stirring up the pot

    Israel’s army makes things worse .. Hamas makes things worse

    One day HOPEFULLY I can sit back and say to myself ‘conflict in the NEAR EAST.. what conflict

    Comment by Timothy Peter Leal | April 12, 2010 | Reply

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