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Congress puts the Healthcare Bill behind them ………

The Dog is happy to see Congress moving on after the near complete fixation on the Healthcare Bill….

The vote on unemployment benefits which saw both parties join is a good indication that the Congress is doing its work and has stopped politicking  to the exclusion of the countries citizens…..

Good!….it’s about time……

House leaders from both parties appear content to move on from the name-calling and uncivil behavior of the healthcare vote.

When House members return to Washington on Tuesday, they won’t convene any hearings on the subject, nor will they find themselves subject to new rules or guidelines governing their own behavior.

“You could say we’re just moving on,” said one senior Democratic aide. “A lot of this stuff is very in-the-moment.”

Republican leadership aides also said they don’t expect to have to deal with the issue of decorum or take any new steps to reduce threats made to members of Congress.

Just a few weeks ago, the conduct of individual House member, threats to lawmakers and verbal and physical altercations between members and protesters appeared to be taking on crisis proportions.

The final week of the House debate on the healthcare bill brought with it a rash of member-on-member insinuations and accusations, and the bill’s passage provided little immediate relief.

The week after the vote, members received new threats — many of which have resulted in police investigations and arrests — and House leaders traded accusations about which side was responsible for an increase in dangerous behavior.


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