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Daniel…..Pennsylvania Senate: Democratic Senate Primary now a DEAD HEAT; Toomey leads General Election Head-to-Heads by 10 and 11 Points……..

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I promised our Readers to have a more in depth look at the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary Survey from Rasmussen Reports who came out yesterday showing the Primary between Specter and Sestak now a DEAD HEAT.

We’re now officially under 5 weeks away from that “Super Primary Tuesday” on May 22nd where 4 States (Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Oregon) are holding Primaries.

The Poll Results could be attributed that Voters are USUALLY paying more Attention to Races like this when Election Day draws nearer. After all the good Polling Specter probably thought he would win this Primary in a walk – HE WON’T. Honestly it was a big surprise seeing Specter jumping out to this big lead after all his “Party Swiching” and “Flip-Flopping”.

Currently may still be the Favourite to be the Democratic Nominee in November BUT I’ll watch this Race closely. If the Average narrowes further during the last weeks of April we could have a REAL RACE on our hands come May.

Remember: Just this week SUSA putting out a Survey showing Conway erasing Mongiardo’s lead in Kentucky from 18 Points to 3 in just 4 weeks. The same could happen here.

Rasmussen Survey

Pennsylvania Senate 2010

Democratic Primary

[ Sestak and Spector ]

Incumbent Senator Arlen Specter  44 %

U. S. Rep. Joseph A. “Joe” Sestak  42 %
Others  4 %
Undecided  10 %

General Election

[ Toomey and Spector ]

Former U. S. Rep. Patrick J. “Pat” Toomey (R)  50 %
Incumbent Senator Arlen Specter (D)  40 %
Others  4 %
Undecided  6 %

Former U. S. Rep. Patrick J. “Pat” Toomey (R)  47 %
U. S. Rep. Joseph A. “Joe” Sestak (D)  36 %
Others  5 %
Undecided  12 %

Major Candidates Campaign Websites:


Job Approvals

President Barack Obama (D)

Approve  46 %
Disapprove  54 %

Governor Edward G. “Ed” Rendell (D)

Approve  42 %
Disapprove  56 %

Update: A new Susquehanna Polling & Research Survey just released in PA shows also a 10-Point lead for Toomey, 48-38.

Daniel G.

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  1. Toomey came very close to ending Specter’s political career in 2004 if it hadn’t been from the intervention from Bush Jr., and Santorum who bailed ol Arlen out.

    Comment by Conservative Democrat | April 15, 2010 | Reply

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