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‘Jerkin’………The new way for our kids?

Kream Kidz

MOVES: The Kream Kidz, a dance crew featuring Bijon Jones, left, Keith Kennedy, Rodney Nelms and Jonathan Rambo, show what jerkin’ is all about. (Stefano Paltera / For The Times)

The young kids that I see sometimes at work…..sneak away to dance…….

They now sport modified tomahawk haircuts….

What is going on out there?

On a still Thursday night, Ben J is talking about how cool his mom is. This is not what you would expect from the 18-year-old MTV star of New Boyz fame. Ben J, or Earl Benjamin as his mother calls him, is one of the main faces of jerkin’, the hip-hop-influenced dance, music and style that started spreading around Los Angeles more than three years ago but blew up last spring when the New Boyz’ “You’re a Jerk” became the first tune of the genre to get radio playtime. It has since inspired kids from Indonesia to France to make YouTube videos of their own loose-limbed dancing.

Thanks to Benjamin and his cohorts, students at middle and high schools across the country are ditching baggy pants and XXL T- shirts for skinny jeans and neon colors and — jerkin’ proponents claim — maybe along the way throwing out worship of gangster culture in favor of entrepreneurship and business smarts.

If you haven’t caught videos of jerkin’ on MTV or YouTube in the last year, picture gangly teenagers “geeked up” in acid colors and skinny jeans. Fro-hawks, bleached flat tops, streaks in the hair the color of Kool-Aid, baseball cap brims flipped up to create “popped lids,” shiny chains or dangling rosary beads and thick-soled skateboard shoes characterize the kids doing the freshest dance on the block.

The music is laptop-crafted, featuring simple beats and sophomoric lyrics.


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