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Senator Harry Reid and the question of Immigration………

Harry Reid is deep trouble……

The Only way the Dog see’s him keeping his seat is if the Tea {Party guy out there get’s at least 10% of the vote come November…..

Daniel inssits..that’s crazy……

He might be right…..

So with all this in mind…we come to Immigration……

Hispanics and Latinos’ gave Barack Obama their vote in the last election with the hope that something 180 degrees from George Bush’s policies would be done….

That hasn’t happened…

First the Economy fell…cutting off incentives  for illegals to rick making the trip across the border…..

Then the increase in Border Patrol agents started on Bush’s watch resulted in more enforcement

Napolitano has been forced to increase enforcement also to appease the GOP in Congress….

And there has been virtually NO movement on Immigration also because of the Healthcare Bill…….


Now we get Harry Reid…..

In the  fight for his political life he must again make a personal choice…..

Put off Healthcare and help the swing district Democratic Senator’s and House Memenbers…or…

Bring it to the table and help himself with his sizable latino voters in Nevada?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) reelection interests are putting him at odds with the centrists he has vigorously protected over the past year and a half on the issue of immigration reform.

Vulnerable senators like Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) want to stay away from immigration reform during an election year, but political experts in Nevada say mobilizing Hispanic voters could be the key to a reelection victory for Reid, whose favorability rating is below 40 percent.

One centrist Democratic senator, who spoke on condition of anonymity so as not to offend Reid, said this is an instance in which the leader’s political needs conflict with what’s best for colleagues from conservative states, such as Lincoln.

Hispanics make up 20 percent of Nevada’s population and about 12 percent of its registered voters.

In 2008, Hispanic voters made up 15 percent of the people who actually went to the polls, and their overwhelming support for President Barack Obama helped him carry the state. Obama enjoyed nearly a 50-point advantage among Hispanic voters in Nevada.

“Reid feels he needs to roll the dice and work up some enthusiasm among the base and make sure they get out to vote,” said Ted Jelen, a professor of political science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


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