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Michele Obama's Mexico Trip…….

The President’s wife has just successfully finished a major ¬†Diplomatic trip to Haiti and Mexico…..

To her credit she is almost as popular as her husband…and her trip seems to have a major success…..

Not having to deal with politics primarily ( but it is always there )….Her trip affords her the ability to connect with the peoples of any country to travels to……

Which is a huge plus for the United States…….

Mexico a country that is portrayed as the home of illegals, and drug dealers…..got a welcome light moment from the media with the trip……..

Thank you for allowing me to use your stories,” First Lady Michelle Obama told the dozen student leaders seated around her at a big rectangular table. It was Thursday morning at a beautiful event site, a 16th-century former Spanish hacienda, a reminder of this nation’s colonial era.

Each of the students had a personal, passionate story to tell Mrs. Obama. The six men and six women, from different parts of the country, were picked by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico to come to the capital for a roundtable discussion. A State Department translator sat next to Mrs. Obama whispering to her in English as another translator across the room (at a table walled off by glass) turned Mrs. Obama’s words to Spanish, transmitting them to ear pieces everyone wore.

Olivetti Paredes Sacarias, who founded a day-care center and runs workshops on the prevention of child and sexual exploitation, demonstrated the power of modern media, telling Mrs. Obama, “I have seen you dance through the Internet, on TV, you and your husband. By the way, let me say you make a beautiful couple. I still have images in my head of the day you danced . . . the day the president was inaugurated.”
The personal narrative is a central part of the Obama ethos. Encouraging people to tell their stories is a tool that a young community organizer, Barack Obama, used on the South Side of Chicago. President Obama introduced himself to much of the world one summer night in Boston in 2004, when he told his own.
“I stand here knowing that my story is part of the larger American story, that I owe a debt to all of those who came before me, and that, in no other country on earth, is my story even possible,” Obama said in his famous keynote address to the Democratic National Convention.
Asking people to share their stories was a centerpiece of the Obama presidential campaign field outreach effort. In the successful drive to pass a health care reform bill, having people tell personal tales of being short-changed by their insurance company was part of the grassroots campaign run by Democrats and their allies.
So now Mrs. Obama, too, is collecting stories as she moves ahead with her agenda. The event at the hacienda never became a real discussion; it took time just for each of the 12 to explain their projects. Mrs. Obama lavished them with praise.


Note……The ‘last minute’ trip to Haiti …..was actually in the works for months…….

President’s and their wives very seldom travel anyplace outside the United States on ‘the spur of the moment’ anymore…..

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