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Tiger and Elin could be done……

Tiger Woods Divorce

The Dog caught the below piece and is actually sad…but happy…….while he has been all over the place with a lot of…lot of….women…it is obvious that he never really had a marriage…..

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are finalizing a divorce, according toEntertainment Tonight‘s Kevin Frazier. The former SportsCenter anchor says in a web video that “the marriage is indeed over.”

A source tells Frazier that one key sign is the fact that Nordegren (PHOTOS) was on a flight during Woods’ final round at the Masters. That she not only avoided the tournament, but went out of her way to be in the air during its closing stages, speaks volumes about the current state of their relationship, according to Frazier’s source……


Things might have been ok for show…..

But this was man with problems that his wife never knew…..and was incapable of handling…..

Tiger Woods should have never had this marriage ……

He is still recovering from his march through his youth to become a Big time Pro Golfer…..

No woman could be expected to deal with the volume of women and media attention Woods escapades encompassed……

Woods will pay her ……and she will leave with their kids….

And he’ll go on playing……

But at some point he’ll have to find out who he is …..

And reconcile with his demons…….

And don’t be surprised if Rachel Uchitel show’s back up…..

I just have this feeling…….

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