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Gates…with Joint Chiefs Mullen’s help….. seeks to ‘cover his behind’…..

Secretary of Defense Gates got leaked on yesterday…..

A memo he wrote in January on dealing with Iran came out…

The memo acknowledged that the United States did not have a strategy to deal with the fact that Iran was going to have bomb with in the new two years…..

Gates is a smart guy..this is the second administration he’s working for in a row…..(the Dog doesn’t always agree with his decisions)…but I would tend to agree with his memo….

That is that……… United States simply can’t stop Iran from making a nuke unless they take military action…..

That same military action will only delay..not stop Iran from reaching their goal….

Nothing Joint Chief of Staff Mullen says changes things…..

Robert Gates and Mike Mullen Photo

[ Gates and Mullen ]

Gates did not say that the US lacked plans as Mullen says now..he said they lacked plans to stop Iran……

This scared Allies thing isn’t gonna stop with some presser…..

They ( and the entire Middle East,  Israel included) are in deep shit…..

And Gates finally acknowledged it……

The thing is..the memo was done in January…and the clock is still ticking……

Senior administration officials, asked Sunday to give specific examples of what was mischaracterized in the article, declined to discuss the content of the memo, citing its classified status. In his statement, Mr. Gates offered no details on the issues he raised in his memo.

Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, weighed in on the debate Sunday by saying that while extensive effort had been spent on developing Iran strategy, it remained a complicated and vexing national security challenge.

“It has been worked and it continues to be worked,” Admiral Mullen said during a forum atColumbia University in New York. “If there was an easy answer, we would’ve picked it off the shelf.”

Admiral Mullen reiterated his longstanding view that while military strikes could delay Iran’s nuclear program, diplomatic inducements and economic penalties remained the preferred course. He said that military action was the “last option.”


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