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CitiGroup following the Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase… returns to profitability ……

And why am I not surprised?

While all of the banks took a beating…..the Stimulus loans and Government assistance programs have put them back on their feet along with the recovery in Europe…..

As the Dog has said during the dark days of last fall……

These things are cyclcal….and no matter what..the banks will be saved……

As for the future…..

Well lets ee what the Democrats can get passed in financial reform….

He, he, he……I say this  again,  though…..

What ever’s passed will only take the backroom boys and girls about ten minutes to figure out how the bank can get around it……

After nearly two years of being drenched in red ink, Citigroup provided the strongest signs yet that the troubled bank is beginning to recover as it reported a $4.4 billion profit in the first quarter.

The earnings, which handily beat analyst expectations and were the bank’s best since the financial crisis began, were the result of the resurgence in the bond market and improvements in the economy, particularly overseas. Both play to Citigroup’s strengths as a major player in fixed income and emerging markets, and come as some of its rivals benefited from similar trends. JPMorgan Chase andBank of America both reported big first-quarter earnings from hefty trading profits and from adding less money to their loan loss reserves.

For Citigroup, however, the promise of a turnaround has always seemed more distant. Just over a year ago, its chief executive,Vikram S. Pandit, was staring at losses so big that the bank received two helpings of bailout money and gave the government a 27 percent ownership stake. It posted multibillion-dollar losses in eight out of its last nine quarters. Citigroup shares briefly traded below a dollar.

Today, however, the stock has started to rebound with shares 6.9 percent higher, to $4.86 on Monday. The Treasury Department has signaled that it will soon begin selling its 7.7 billion shares, and after two years on the job, Mr. Pandit is making progress on slimming down the bank.


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