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Wanna Know Wednesday: Privacy…Invasion or Privilege?…from Up 4 Discussion…..

From JSin…….

Hey readers!

It’s Wednesday and we have a great Wanna Know Wednesdaydiscussion for you this week.

Have you ever been in a relationship and had your partner ask you if they could look through your phone?…or check your texts?..or your e-mails?…or what about have the password to your facebook account?

Or better yet have you ever caught a partner going through or attempting to go through your phone or computer?

If you answered yes to any of those questions this discussion is perfect for you to share your experiences!

If you hadn’t guessed already, this week we would like to discuss PRIVACY in a relationship.  Is it a privilege to be in a relationship where you have privacy and don’t have to worry about your partner going through your stuff unless you give them permission to?  Or is it aninvasion of privacy when your partner goes through your stuff, with or without permission?

Personally, I believe that if my partner has a desire to go through my phone or computer it is because they don’t fully trust me.  More likely than not I don’t have anything to hide so I wouldn’t mind letting her check my phone all she wants.  She isn’t going to find anything……

More……....and a video and polls…..


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