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What's Wrong with Arizona?

That question was first asked by Susan Estrich in a blogged piece on April 21st, this year……

But the question seems to have taken on more meaning then Estrich’s reference to the states Immigration law policy for police officers……

The piece below lends the question to several other issues in the state……

Gun laws, The Presidential Birther issue, GOP Senate Primary, a Governor that disparages her own state, and more and more California transplants along with legal and Illegal immigrants…..

Last fall, the state's governor, Jan Brewer, was caught on video in Tucson expressing her 'great relief, to say the least, to get out of that hellhole in Phoenix.'

[ Last fall, the state’s governor, Jan Brewer, was caught on video in Tucson expressing her ‘great relief, to say the least, to get out of that hellhole in Phoenix.’ ]

There’s an immigration measure that effectively converts the state’s police departments into immigration officers, mandating that they stop and question people they suspect of being undocumented immigrants.

And there’s the new gun law that allows anyone besides convicted felons to carry concealed weapons without registration or background checks.

Finally, for good measure, there’s the sideshow Republican Senate primary starring J.D. Hayworth, a serious challenger to Sen. John McCain, and his now-famous observation that same sex marriage laws would lead to men marrying horses.

So, what is the matter with Arizona?

“Relationships have just deteriorated to the point where government is not serving its essential function, which is serving the people,” said Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley. “The rhetoric has gone up several notches to the point where everyone is taking it personally.”

“Immigration is the federal government’s responsibility, and we have failed to address it,” Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said in a statement to POLITICO. “State and local governments, particularly in Arizona, are bearing the brunt of our inaction, so I don’t blame the Arizona legislature for trying to pick up the slack.”

Flake said the immigration measure “isn’t the bill I would have written, but it’s difficult to criticize the state for trying to deal with a problem created by the federal government.”

“People are asking ‘what’s the matter with Arizona’” added Andrei Cherny, a Democratic candidate for Arizona treasurer in a post in POLITICO’s Arena. “Under the very brightly shining sun, we too are losing our wealth, population, and standing. But there is nothing wrong with Arizona – except for the ‘leaders’ the state has elected to public office.”


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    Legal citizens who jumped through hoops are welcome–but illegal immigrants will not get any Amnesty–leading to citizenship.
    Arizona Govern Jan Brewer has more–SPINE–than the majority of our politicians, to fight the overpowering onslaught of illegal immigration. She signed the 1070 immigration bill. Arizona a border state is rampant with murders, home invasion, kidnappings, rapes, assaults and one of the highest crime rates, by illegal immigrants. Its ignorance and indifference of Washington, not to enforce our immigration laws? In fact they have purposely underfunded them.

    San. Harry Reid (D-NV) is not being ousted just for health care reform, but being a puppet of open border-special interests groups? LETS MAKE THAT CLEAR. One thing for absolutely sure, desperate illegal alien families will be fleeing Arizona, for more greener pastures such as California. Seeing California is a Refuge state for illegal foreigners and already has the largest illegal population in Unites States other than New York. Now starving for billions of dollars, California will have to amend their own enforcement laws to stop the massive migration or pay a heavy price in extorting more money from taxpayers. Then there is always Utah, Texas, New Mexico or even farther states such as Washington. ONE THINGS FOR SURE, THAT THEY MAY PASS SOME FORMULATION OF IMMIGRATION REFORM. BUT AMERICA WILL FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL THAT NO “PATH–TO–CITIZENSHIP” FOR THOSE WHO CAME HERE ILLEGALLY. I am personally a tea partier a moderate Conservative and definitely not a Democrat and Republicans.-and illegal immigration is the no.1 priority to me, and must be stopped for good.

    Californian’s are under financial hardship owing to the welfare programs that caters to illegal alien families, and with an outpouring of Arizona’s illegals the Sacramento budget will triple in handouts. Californian’s, specifically Angelino’s and San Francisco. There should be no excuse why FEDERAL SOLDIERS SHOULD BE NOT DEPLOYED TO THE 2000 MILE BORDER. They need to police the border, with the under-manned border patrol and even poorly funded law enforcement agencies. Sheriffs and deputies that are in a very dangerous area are basically armed, against heinous felons, drug cartels, skin traffickers, smugglers and the flow of unceasing indigent illegal immigrants. LET ME REITERATE, THAT IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT IS ONLY SEEN TO WORK. BUT THE TRUTH IS ITS NOT ENFORCED–THAT RIGHT NOW HOMELAND SECURITY HAS CUT BUDGETS FOR IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT. If you are–NOT–an open border extremist, join the organization that is fighting for our rights, your language, freedoms and liberty at NumbersUSA.

    Personally as a Tea party member I will forward Emails to others in the growing party, to vacation in the great courageous state of Arizona.

    Comment by Brittanicus | April 23, 2010 | Reply

    • Ok…I hear you…what about the people who have been here for years?….pay taxes…and work…..

      What about the non-Latino’s?

      Comment by jamesb101 | April 23, 2010 | Reply

    • I would rather not live in a police state where a cop can stop anyone they please on any pretense and ask the chilling question: MAY I SEE YOUR PAPERS?

      As I recall, our boys gave their lives in Europe in the 1940’s to throw out the last politician that gave his cops that much latitude.

      And by the way, California is in the fiscal ditch, not because of illegal immigrants, but because of Proposition 13…which effectively made it OK for Californians to demand all the perks of the good life in California without paying for it in the form of property taxes.

      Finally, as you are typing your next rant about illegal immigrants eating the food, wearing the clothes and living in the house that their labor provided, I suggest you ponder why those immigrants want to come here…its the JOBS.

      Don’t focus your anger on immigrants…they are the victims…focus your ire on the businesses that knowingly hire them…force them to pay a living wage so that Americans will want those jobs and (over time) the rest will take care of itself.

      Comment by James T | April 26, 2010 | Reply

      • James T…feel free to come back here anytime you can……..

        Comment by jamesb101 | April 26, 2010

  2. Brittanicus

    some of those drug cartels do some VERY good charity work

    Comment by Timothy Leal | April 24, 2010 | Reply

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