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Obama and the Latino’s……..

This from Tom Schaller @ FiveThirtyEigth.…..

It basically reports that Congressman Luis Gutierrez is quietly pushing against his President…avocating Latino’s to seriously think about not voting in Novemeber……Just a partial following on the action would have serious consequences for Democrats….

The fact remains…just like with liberal’s…..Obama WILL NOT come thru with all his campaign promises……

Latino’s have the democrat’s attenntion..but the window for  bill as contentious as Immigration is just about gone until the day AFTER the November elections….

This is not going to be fun for Obama…

But I see no alterative for the President and his party….

Everyone in the democratic camp better pray for majorities in the House and Senate….

Without them……Immigration and a lot of other things will be long gone…….

This past weekend I attended the Midwest Political Science Association’s annual meetings at the Palmer House in Chicago. Local Congressman Luis Gutierrez gave the Pi Sigma Alpha lecture on Friday afternoon, and he spoke at length about immigration reform, the developing situation in Arizona, and his worry that President Obama and the Administration will not rise to the challenge.

He did sugarcoat what he had to say. Although I didn’t have my digital tape recorder on hand to record his comments in regard to immigration and the Administration, I can assure you Gutierrez’ remarks were not as diplomatic as this recent press release on the subject, but rather were much closer tohis recent Huffington Post comments, in which he expressed his growing impatience with Obama. He also flatly called Obama’s promise to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill in his first year a “broken promise.” More to the (electoral) point, Gutierrez has begun to openly suggest that he may consider encouraging Latinos to stay home this November which, if they did, would exacerbate the Democrats’ expected problems and electoral losses.

Gutierrez is not your typical Obama critic, mind you. When most other Latino elected officials were lining up behind Hillary Clinton in late 2007, he sided with his fellow Chicagoan. That not only made him an outlier among national Latinos; it also made him an outlier in his own part of the city, where he says all of the Latino wards were carried by Clinton, not Obama–just as she didoverall in key states and nationally during the primary.

In short, Gutierrez says he stuck out his neck for Obama. And now, in what he calls the “civil rights fight” of this generation, he wants the President to stick out his neck for Latinos, particularly those who Gutierrez predicts will likely be profiled for rounding up in Arizona.
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  2. James B, Obama knows his window is closing by 2011 when the GOP has control of the House and shrinking the margins in the Senate, so immigration reform will be on the table regardless what happens.

    Latinos may very well stay home IF Obama continues to duck and hide from the issue, which will be BAD news for Democratic gubernatorial candidates in the Southwest, especially here in Texas where former Houston Mayor Bill White (D) hasn’t fired up minorities or bitter KBH voters yet.

    PS: I’m pissed at Siobhan going home, oh well, Crystal the Idol crown is YOURS.

    Comment by Conservative Democrat | April 29, 2010 | Reply

  3. CD I called Crystal the first time I heard her sing…no gimic’s just a soulful voice…..

    Siobhan will have niche career…no doubt…..

    Comment by jamesb101 | April 29, 2010 | Reply

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