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Texas Governor Rick Perry…’The Oil Spill maybe an act of God’…..Warns against stopping Oil Drilling……

They make a lot of money from pumping Oil in Texas …..right?


I get it…….

Didn’t the President just talk about expanding Oil drilling on both coasts?

Are people now calling for stop in that policy?


I get it…….

Perry warned against a 'a knee-jerk reaction' to the spill and said the government doesn’t know what caused the leak.

[ Perry warned against a ‘a knee-jerk reaction’ to the spill and said the government doesn’t know what caused the leak.  ]

“We don’t know what the event that has allowed for this massive oil to be released,” Perry said alongside several other governors on a panel Monday. “And until we know that, I hope we don’t see a knee-jerk reaction across this country that says we’re going to shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, because the cost to this country will be staggering.”

Perry questioned whether the spill was “just an act of God that occurred” and said that any “politically driven” decisions could put the U.S. in further economic peril.

“From time to time there are going to be things that occur that are acts of God that cannot be prevented,” Perry said.

His line of thinking offers a foil to liberal groups and lawmakers who are calling for an immediate halting in off-shore drilling, something that the Obama administration has championed. MoveOn called for President Barack Obama to reinstate the ban on off-shore drilling Monday.

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  1. Perry’s just doing his aggressive courting of getting the bitter KBH supporters in line because half of those university regents who endorsed her in the primary are likely to be out of a job come next year once Perry gets re-elected.

    Comment by Conservative Democrat | May 4, 2010 | Reply

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