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Nassau County DA Rice runs for AG….and may have trouble with the left side of the Democratic Party….

The Dog came upon this today in the Albany Project Blog….

That Blog came down hard on Harold Ford Jr.’s attempt to enter the race against Kirsten Gillibrand……

NY-AG: Why is RWDSU Endorsing Kathleen Rice?

by: BingChester

Tue May 04, 2010 at 13:10:13 PM EDT

I’m not sure I really understand this move by the progressive union RWDSU.  After endorsing a respectable slate of progressive challengers in all sorts of races, they’ve decided to endorse Republican-turned-Demnocrat “law and order” candidate Kathleen Rice for Attorney General.

Stu Applebaum, the president of the RWDSU, is set to endorse Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice — an interesting endorsement because Applebaum was an early, vocal supporter of Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s bid for governor, and helped push Governor David Paterson to drop his bid for a first full term.Rice’s law enforcement credentials are seen as valuable in a campaign that’s likely to be as much about reforming Albany as about Wall Street.


Well it’s clearly a mix of gender and region considering that Eric Dinallo has more bona-fide progressive credentials and happens to represent a more suburban/upstate interest.  But how does this make sense when you look at a guy like Eric Schneiderman, who has been one of the most persistent and vocal voices for reform inside the State Senate?  Is the theory here that Schneiderman will be so tainted by the State Senate that he’s a toxic candidate?

The fact is that Kathleen Rice is probably the worst candidate in the Democratic field.  Take a look at her waffling on what should be a homerun subject, the issue of Wal-Mart attempting to locate a store in the five boroughs……….

Apparently she stands with working families!  And living wages!  And working families!

That’s right folks.  Kathleen Rice is going to single-handedly whip Wal-Mart into shape and fix their notorious employment practices.  Forget the fact that there’s a national campaign to do just that over the past few years with few tangible results.  Forget the fact that the power of the Attorney General to actually force Wal-Mart into a variety of voluntary compliance is questionable (and likely more in the hands of City Council and the Mayor).

All of this comes after a lot of talk after the DRC of Jay Jacobs twisting arms to garner up support for Rice from a less than natural constituency.  And Jacobs’ support is seen by some as a proxy for Cuomo himself, who is rumored to support Rice for similar reasons as Stuart Applebaum.  It is extremely disconcerting that in New York State, with a race filled with progressive reformers, there is a push from the top to pick a former Republican focused on things like drunk driving and traffic safety as the Attorney General candidate on the Cuomo ticket.

This is going to be a difficult primary with all sorts of qualified and progressive candidates.  Those of us on this blog will probably have different preferred candidates.  But I think there’s one thing we can all agree on; Anyone But Kathleen Rice.

More……..…..Please read the whole post and the comments…..

Note….It appears that Progressives are waiting for Liz Holzman to jump in……

[ Holtzman ]

Man….. is there going to be a race for this job!

Note.….The Albany Project is a good Blog for New York State goings on……

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