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One of the three Oil pipes are caping in the Gulf Oil leaks……….

British Petroleum ( BP ) has capped one of the open oil pipes in the Gulf of Mexico ……

While it is the lowest producing pipe…..

It IS progress…

The next step for the project is to lower a four-story containment cap on another one of the pipe sending oil into the Gulf of Mexico waters……

Though by itself the move was not expected to reduce the amount of oil being released — estimated at 210,000 gallons a day — it “does enable to us to make progress, to winnow down the focus from three leaks to two,” said the spokesman, John Curry.

Submersible robots, controlled remotely from a ship on the surface, were able to place a specially designed valve over the end of a leaking drill pipe lying on the sea floor in water about 5,000 feet deep, and stop oil from escaping at that point, Mr. Curry said. The company had been trying since Monday to place the specially designed valve but had been hampered by rough seas and high winds that diminished on Tuesday.

With one valve shut, BP is now turning its attention to capping the worst of the leaks. Crews have loaded a 98-ton, four-story structure called a containment dome onto a barge, and are expected to tow it at midday Wednesday to the site of the spill, a 12-hour trip.

The plan is to lower the dome to the sea floor and place it over the leak, capturing the gushing oil and funneling it up to a rig waiting at the surface. That is expected to be operational by the end of the week, BP officials said.

Weather conditions continued to look promising on Wednesday, allowing recovery crews to move forward on several fronts to control the spread of the oil slick.

Mr. Curry said crews were preparing to conduct a “controlled burn” of some of the oil at sea, and that skimming boats were out in other areas to corral the thick oil from the surface of the water. Aircraft were also expected to resume dropping dispersants from overhead.

The report of progress in containing the leak came as BP, which is responsible for cleaning up the vast oil spill resulting from the fatal explosion and fire that destroyed the rig it was leasing, acknowledged that the flow of oil could become vastly larger than initially estimated…..


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  1. Unless they can cap the leak containment of the oil will be like punching the waves to stop the tide from coming in.

    Old King Neptune is bigger than big oil.

    Comment by Manila Calling! | May 5, 2010 | Reply

  2. funny thing Manila….

    the main oil spill hasn’t hit the shore…and the whole thing seems to not be what would image..the thick concentrated stuff….

    they gonna get lucky down there?

    Comment by jamesb101 | May 5, 2010 | Reply

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