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Except for The Super- Bowl…..New Orleans can't catch a break…..

Not even a New Mayor has helped……


Mass exodus of people….



Now this?

[ Shannon Powell, a percussionist, prays for New Orleans, performs his gigs and expresses a frustration that other New Orleans residents feel. “It was a good winter, with the Saints and the rebuilding and the new mayor,” Mr. Powell said. “First time I felt that way since Katrina, for sure.” ]

New Orleans, with an economy based on tourism and seafood, and dependent on fragile coastal wetlands for hurricane protection, has watched in horror as the oil, orange as rust, has snaked toward the coast — more slowly than at first expected, but in quantities much larger than originally estimated. On Thursday the Coast Guard confirmed that oil had hit the Chandeleur Islands miles off Louisiana’s southeast tip.

“It’s hard to wrap your head around it,” said Geoff Douville, a video production manager and bar owner who lives in Mid-City. “Does anybody have any idea what’s going to be the ultimate result of this?”

The timing is a devastating blow to the city’s psyche. Since the Saints won the Super Bowl upon the backdrop of Mardi Gras, followed by the landslide election of a popular new mayor, Mitchell J. Landrieu, New Orleans had been, by all accounts, getting its groove back. Five years removed from Hurricane Katrina, the tangible signs of a real recovery are everywhere: in rebuilt homes and refurbished parks, in old restaurants come back to life and in new businesses thriving. With hurricane season still weeks away, people were feeling optimistic for the first time in a long time.

“It was a good winter, with the Saints and the rebuilding and the new mayor,” Mr. Powell said. “First time I felt that way since Katrina, for sure.”

The echoes of the hurricane are everywhere now: from the map of the gulf showing something ominous moving closer, to the anxiety in the nervous waiting. Another man-made disaster, people say, akin to the levee failures. Residents also complain about a lack of good information, and about how the reports from the gulf keep changing: one day things look better, the next day, the situation looks worse.

The local news media’s attention has been split by Mr. Landrieu’s inauguration on Monday, business developments within the city’s N.B.A. franchise, the Hornets, and the annual Jazz and Heritage Festival, which ended last weekend after 10 days of celebrating music and food.

In the time of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleanians felt frustrated by a lack of trustworthy information about what was happening to the city while they were evacuated out of it. These days, in a reversal, people in the city are relying on people outside it — friends and family who work in the oil and gas or fishing industries, particularly people who live and work near the coast.

“The best and most reliable information is coming from the ground up, just like in Katrina,” Mr. Douville said.


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  2. Damn.. I’m watching the “Treme” show on HBO sunday nights – a closeup drama of New Orleans “Three Months after..”. It comes even more to life now..

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  3. They really can’t get ahead…..

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