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DSD…..Final Results for Scotland…..

Final results for Scotland, much simpler than England, Wales or Northern Ireland, since no party gained or lost a single seat, and with four major parties to choose from, none of the other parties won as much as 20,000 votes, 1% of the total or a seat in Parliament.


59 results declared for 59 Scottish seats
2,466,000 votes cast (63.8% turnout, +3%)

Absolute votes in thousands

41 1036 (42.0%) +2.5% Labour
11 _466 (18.9%) –3.7% Liberal Democratic
_6 _492 (19.9%) +2.3% Scottish National Party
_1 _413 (16.7%) +0.9% Conservative

UKIP and Green about 17,000 each (0.7%);
BNP about 9,000 (0.4%)

(Of course, this partly reflects the number of constituencies each contested; the four major parties contested all or nearly all 59 seats.)

Average swing from SNP to Labour since 2005: +0.1%

Detailed Results at



If you’re trying to tweak the arithmetic, the major difference comes from the Scottish Socialist Party, which won only 0.1% the vote (3,500), a loss of 1.7% of the overall Scottish vote.

For more about the minor parties’ results in Scotland, see….


Note #2

I’ve forgotten the campaign details, but in the UK general election of 2005, the Scottish Socialist Party won 43,500 votes, so it’s lost 40,000 in the 2010 election.

It used to have several members of the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood (Edinburgh) but none of them were re-elected in 2007.






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