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Afghanistan Update……

Stanley McChrystal

Hamid Karzai flew into Washington today with US ambassador Karl Elkenberry and General Stanley McChrystal…

When they got into Washington…they statred the ball rolling on reporting the progress in that countries fight to regain its independence from

The Taliban…..

And trying to make Karzai look like a player…not a hindrance to the process…

McChrystal is giving himself and his boss …….

President Obama plenty of wiggle room…..

In a White House briefing, neither McChrystal nor retired Gen. Karl Eikenberry, now the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, would say whether they believe enough military progress and political reform will take place by next summer to enable U.S. troops to “begin to transfer” back home from Afghanistan, as President Obama has promised.

“Much work lies ahead” before that can happen, said McChrystal, who commands all U.S. and allied troops fighting the Taliban and other extremists in Afghanistan. The months ahead “will demand courage and resilience,” he said, adding that violence against Americans will continue to increase.

Karzai’s visit comes at a time of increasing pessimism about the war in Afghanistan, now in its eighth year. A new Washington Post-ABC News pollthis week showed that a majority of Americans, 52 percent of those surveyed, believe the war is not worth the costs.The poll came on the heels of a new Pentagon assessment that held little good news. It reported that violence in Afghanistan is up 87 percent over a year ago, and that there are still too few U.S. and allied advisers to accelerate the training of Afghan soldiers and police – the heart of Obama’s strategy.Currently there are 87,000 American troops in Afghanistan, with roughly 13,000 more slated to arrive over the next few months. Since 2001, when U.S. forces struck back in retaliation for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, 1,044 Americans have been killed in action in Afghanistan, and 5,730 wounded, according to the Pentagon……


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