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The New White House Marketing Machine……

obamaberry President Obama’s “Official” Smartphone: BlackBerry 8830 (Verizon)

My have things have CHANGED!

The President wins the battle to carry his own Blackberry…

He uses Twitter and Facebook…..

The White News Media staff numbers seven the largest it has ever been…

It Director has been bumped up to a Special Assistant to the President postion…

Press Secretary has learned to use Twitter…..

And the White House has interactive websites…..

A far cry from thee information only website days of Bush and Clinton……

But is the message reaching everyone?

“This president I think by and large has not been very successful at this point as a communicator,” said Tom Rosenstiel, director of the Pew Center for Excellence in Journalism. “After one year lost a lot of support, the midterms look like they could be brutal, and I think they are still finding their method of controlling their message.”

Thus far, the Obama administration’s method has been to use as many outlets as possible, including new media like blogs and social networking sites
“We have really tried to develop content and capacities to allow ourselves to reach people as they shift their news habits,” said Macon Phillips, White House director of new media. “These tools are a reflection of the growing landscape of options that are out there. We are trying out a lot of new things.”

Phillips oversees a staff of seven, the largest new media team a White House has ever had. His position as director was boosted from a mid-level staff position under George W. Bush to a special presidential assistant under Obama. “The ultimate goal is to make sure the American public has more information about their government,” he said in an interview.

But Rosenstiel, for one, questions the benefits of Obama’s use of social media.

“The audience of old media vastly exceeds that of new media,” said Rosenstiel. “Twenty million people watch network news with an average age of 60, they don’t go on Twitter, and those are the people who still vote.”

Rosenstiel said in today’s media landscape it is essential for the president to make use of all outlets. “It is harder to be president now. You have to be able to speak Twitter and Facebook as well as network television and cable television.”

To be fair, Obama has hardly abandoned traditional media outlets. During his first year in office, he did 91 television interviews, according to Towson professor Martha Joynt Kumar. To compare, George W. Bush did 20 and Bill Clinton did 16. Kumar has studied the president and the press for more than 30 years. Her conclusion? No matter how many outlets Obama uses or how often, if the message itself isn’t clear, it doesn’t matter.


Note…..I’m sure every foreign intelligence service in Washington reads his Blackberry mail in real time…..

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