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Senator Jim DeMint….The Lone Ranger and Kingmaker….. fights the GOP from the Inside…..Out….

[ South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint ]

This the second piece I’m doing on the South Carolina Senator who seems to be a Conservative crusade to rid the party of any and all moderates….

His campaign has again began to start to worry fellow Republicans who correctly make out DeMint’s actions as the Party eating itself alive….

In getting rid of the moderates ….The party loses a section of the electorate it could need in close GENERAL elections…

Charlie Crist current poll numbers seem to bear this out….

His moving to a Independent candidate allows him to take Indies, Moderate Republicans and Democrats with him…

Which could in the end….. cost Rubio and the GOP the Florida Senate seat…

Jim DeMint is becoming something of a tea party hero, even a potential conservative kingmaker, a status that is not making the freshman senator many friends among fellow Republicans in Congress.

A backbencher known for his eagerness to challenge the Republican establishment, DeMint is becoming one of the most influential voices of the conservative rebellion that’s shaking up GOP primaries. Tapping an anti-incumbent fervor, the South Carolina lawmaker is a coveted — and feared — endorsement, funneling money and grass-roots energy to long-shot candidates who threaten Washington’s GOP favorites.

His efforts, highly unusual for a freshman, have upset senators on Capitol Hill, where he’s viewed by many as an ideologue willing to purge centrist veterans.

”I feel a sense of urgency that some of my colleagues don’t,” he said in an interview. ”TheRepublican Party, at least a segment of it within Washington, has increasingly joined the big-government, big-spending, earmarking ranks.”

DeMint, 58, has demonstrated an ability to read the conservative electorate. Twice in the past two years he’s opposed leading Republicans only to see them abandon the party. His underdog picks in a handful of other races are waging surprisingly strong challenges to mainstream candidates viewed by party leaders as more electable.

In Florida, DeMint was the first national Republican to back Marco Rubio in the state’s GOP Senate primary against Republican Gov. Charlie Crist, who was considered a shoo-in at the time. DeMint’s support and fundraising for Rubio, a tea party favorite, helped spark a bitter internal fight that ultimately pushed Crist to leave the party last month and run as an independent.

”It kept us alive,” Rubio said of DeMint’s support, including nearly $350,000 in contributions. ”Especially early on, it was one of a couple of things that allowed us to survive when very few people thought we had a chance.”

Polls in Florida now find a wide-open race, giving Democrats a legitimate shot at winning.

Yep…and that’s why his aprty leaders aren’t really happy with him…..



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    I know a lot of Intergalactic shit went down the last few years


    Comment by Timothy Leal | May 11, 2010 | Reply

    • Ok…I messed up!

      I’ll own up to it……

      I’ll fix it!

      Comment by jamesb101 | May 11, 2010 | Reply

  2. Me thinks Demint needs be more vocal

    He has been basically silent against Obama for all of 2010

    I also think LINDSAY GRAHAM is a potential DARK HORSE for the 2012 national ticket

    stay tuned

    Comment by Timothy Leal | May 11, 2010 | Reply

  3. Tell that to the right!

    Comment by jamesb101 | May 11, 2010 | Reply

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