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The White House finally gets what Karzai has always known……We need him…IT's HIS country…..

Sometimes we American’s forget to do obvious…..

While we rush in to help get rid of the local bad guys……

Bring all out might and insight…

We forget that ….

Beyond our border’s…..

Things belong to someone else….

We tend to get in trouble when we forget and keep telling the other guy what to do….too much…

The other guy, like in so many other times and places…..

Sits back and smiles….

‘You American’s want to run the show?’

Go ahead….FOR NOW…

But in the end you go home….

And we have to live here……

And so it is that we have pictures of a SMILING Hillary Clinton….The American Secretary of State…who just a few weeks ago

Was all over town putting Hamid Karzai down as ‘no good and un trustworthy’…..


He must he smiling to himself ……

The last time Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai, was in Washington — a year ago — he had to share the spotlight with his Pakistani counterpart, Asif Ali Zardari, who got the bulk of the attention from the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton even made a personal, unscheduled visit to huddle with Mr. Zardari at his hotel.

It is a far, far different visit this time around, reflecting the Obama administration’s decision to abandon the publicly tough approach it tried to use to pressure Mr. Karzai to tackle corruption and drug trafficking in his government. Administration officials concluded that the strategy had backfired, making Mr. Karzai more resentful and resistant.

This time, the Americans are pulling out all the stops for Mr. Karzai as part of a new charm offensive. Mrs. Clinton, one of the few people in the administration with a good rapport with him, has invited him for a stroll through the grounds of a private enclave in Georgetown. Richard C. Holbrooke, the special representative to the region, was dispatched to Andrews Air Force Base at 7 a.m. on Monday to personally greet Mr. Karzai. Vice PresidentJoseph R. Biden Jr. will be Mr. Karzai’s host for a private dinner at the vice president’s mansion.

And Lt. Gen. Karl W. Eikenberry, the ambassador to Afghanistan, who personally escorted Mr. Karzai on the flight from Kabul to Washington, was sent off to assure reporters at the White House that he now had faith in the Afghan president’s determination to succeed, a position that stands in contrast to his diplomatic cable last fall denouncing Mr. Karzai as “not an adequate strategic partner.”

And then there is this…..

Beyond that, Mr. Karzai, concerned about his own future, remains wary of whether the United States is in Afghanistan for the long haul. Mr. Obama’s pledge to begin pulling American troops out of Afghanistan next year has left Mr. Karzai “wondering who its protectors will be after 2011,” said one European diplomat with close ties to the international operation in Afghanistan. “Will it be the Taliban?”



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