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The US Air Force forms a joint F-35 Electronic Warfare Sqd…….

The United States Air Force, responding to a directive from Defense Secretary Gates, has moved to shore up this countries Electronic Warfare capabilities by forming up a Joint Air Force, Navy and marines F-35 EW Unit…

Back in the day….That mission was handled by Air Force F-111’s and Navy EA-6B’s…both aircraft featured a pilot and ‘ Wizzo’ to direct the Electronic panel and equipment in the jets…..

Those aircraft where inserted into attack mission to give the fighters and bombers ‘eyes and ears’…..

With the retiring of the F-111…the Air Force took themselves out of the EW business and had to rely on Naval Aviation assets such as the A-6……

The Navy being a bit smarter than the Air Force opted to build and buy the F-18 Growler to add to its EW mission…again a pilot and a Wizzo……Two seater…..

All along the Air Force , being the premier ‘flyboys’ jerked around putting EW on aging B-52’s…which was a dumb and impractical idea….

That thankfully never got of the ground but that spend the tax payers money going nowhere….

It appears to the Dog that the new gravy train is the ‘do everything’ F-35…which the Defense  has borrowed the “To Big to Fail ‘ caption for…..

The Air Force now wants to make the ONE PILOT F-35 a EW platform???

WTF…Will wonders ever cease???

But I’ll give it to the Air Force this time…They invited everyone to swim with them….

Personally I don’t see how the F-35  pilot’s  are gonna fly the damn plane and handle all the EW shit…..

I don’t make sense….

Some how I see the F-18 Growler having this mission all for it self……Naval Aviaton …and common sense …..again…

Besides…how they gonna find a big enough batter for the F-35 to run all that stuff?

A long-running Pentagon quandary—over who conducts airborne electronic warfare, how offensive electronic-attack capabilities should be strengthened and when or what permission is needed to launch tactical cyber-attacks—now has a venue for resolution.

For months, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been pushing for reinvigoration and unification of the Pentagon’s electronic warfare and attack (EW/EA) efforts and simultaneously ensuring that funding is available to each of the services. The latest signal that a true transformation is building momentum is the U.S. Air Force activation of the 513th Electronic Warfare (EW) Sqdn. at Eglin AFB, Fla., to meet needs of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Half of the Air Combat Command unit’s staff of 130 will be USAF personnel and half Navy and Marine Corps specialists. Command will rotate among the services. Navy officials at Washington’s Navy League Convention last week said the move is more than just laying the EW groundwork for the Joint Strike Fighter. It is expected to become the focus of a single operation to create the software, algorithms and waveforms needed to field a coordinated, cross-service set of electronic tools that can combat enemy radars, missiles and networks through information manipulation, disruption of command and control, anti-electronic attacks and jamming.

Creation of the squadron, part of the 53rd Wing at Eglin, comes just as the Air Force has begun equipping its F-15Cs with new long-range active, electronically scanned array (AESA) radars (AW&ST April 26, p. 45). The advanced AESAs operate at 2-3 times the range of conventional radar and also serve as powerful weapons for airborne electronic attack (AEA) when coupled with a techniques generator that produces unique waveforms and algorithms……


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