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DSD…..Poll gives Lib Dem/Con coalition 60% approval…..

From the Liberal Democratic Voice blog in Britain

By The Voice | Published 14th May 2010 – 5:48 pm

A YouGov poll suggests that the Lib Dem/Conservative coalition has the approval of 60% of the public – almost exactly the combined vote of the two parties in last week’s General Election.

Of course, the reality is slightly more complex than this, with a significant minority of Labour voters approving and not every Lib Dem or Conservative voter being in favour.

Here’s what YouGov say:

The British public broadly approve of the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition that, under Tory David Cameron, now forms the Government at Westminster. 60% of the British public say they approve of the Conservative-LibDem coalition, following an unprecedented week in British politics. This is more than double the percentage of those who disapprove (33%), and it seems that, Labour supporters excepted, the majority of those across the nation either strongly approve or tend to approve of the controversial union between these hitherto political rivals.

The approval rate among Labour supporters is at a less positive 25% in comparison to a huge 87% of Conservative supporters, and 69% of Liberal Democrat supporters.

[For a general Tory blog, see Conservative Home. I don’t know right now what are good representative blogs for Labour or the Greens, although you could start at sites like the New Statesman or Tribune.]

Is there really a progressive majority? (in Britain)

Fri, 14/05/2010 – 09:30

by Peter Kellner in the New Statesman

See this column.

Kellner says that the first British general election television debates did make a discernible difference, although not as great as the mid-campaign polls had indicated. He also suggests that, despite the numbers, it’s not clear that a Labour-Liberal Democratic coalition would have commanded more support in the country than the present (Conservative-LDP) one.

Democratic Socialist Dave

Hey DSD…I dodn’t know how long the coalition wil stand…These two guys and their parties go at things from different directions…..

It’s bad enough that their internal struggles within one’s own party….

These guys will have to bargain ……all THE TIME!

Once the clapping ends they have some serious getting along to do!…..

I wonder hoe they are going to deal with the White House?

It’s one thing to campaign against Tony Blair…but there is a whole lot of  water under the bridge…..

People have their careers invested in the close British/American ties…….

The Dog….


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  2. That’s the point of the 5-year “fixed” Parliamentary term and the 55% no-confidence vote required to unseat a government: to increase the strength of the coalition. But it’s not clear how it would work or whether.

    It’s not all that hard to see how a powder-keg issue like immigration or a foreign-policy crisis (e.g. Iran, Iraq, India-Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine/Gaza, China-Taiwan) might put huge strains on the new coalition, but on the other hand, one can’t foretell if such a crisis will happen, or what kind.

    Comment by Democratic Socialist Dave | May 15, 2010 | Reply

  3. Assuming no vacancies or abstentions, and the continued absence of 5 Sinn Féin (Irish Republican) MP’s who refuse to take their seats in a “foreign” parliament out of principle, 55% of 645 members of the House of Commons is 355 versus 290 (45%).

    If the Tories stick together, their 306 (or 307) members alone, although insufficient to prevent a no-confidence vote of 50%+, or 323-322, would be able to block a vote of 55%, or 355-290, since the other parties combined, including 57 Liberal Democrats but not Sinn Féin, could only summon 338 votes between them. (57 Lib Dem + 258 Lab + 6 Scots Nat + 3 Welsh Nat + 8 Dem Unionist + 3 SDLP + 1 NI Alliance + 1 NI Ind. + 1 Green).

    Of course, being fewer than 50% of the House (even should they win the delayed election for Thirsk and Malton on May 27), the Conservatives alone would be unable, without the aid of other members, to pass a no-confidence vote against some other coalition or alliance. However, the combined total of 306 Conservatives and 57 Liberal Democrats, or 363, would be just sufficient. The other members, without Sinn Féin, number 281 (258 Lab + 9 Nat + 13 N. Ire. + 1 Green)

    See the illustrations at Cameron defends change over election vote rules at the BBC

    Comment by Democratic Socialist Dave | May 15, 2010 | Reply

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