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Elena Kagan is doing fine right… now…..Obama does good…..

[ Kagan and Senator Scott Brown ]

The political party of her job interview is occurring…

She is making the intro rounds up at the Senate …..

The media is poking around and doing it thing….

The White House is sending her under escort…..

And has taken speaking to her family off bounds…

The media has offered assurances (or have they ? ) that she isn’t gay …while telling everyone it isn’t their business…

And the moderate Republicans that are still in the Senate have indicated that they are pleased with meeting her….

And won’t hold her lack of time on the bench against her ( Does that have something to do with having been the Dean of Havard Law School? )


Right now….She’s doing Okay……


Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan made a key advance toward confirmation Thursday, winning praise from a moderate Senate Republican, while easing the concerns of another about her view of the military.

The solicitor general met with several senators, including Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Scott Brown (R-Mass.). Most of the senators indicated after meeting with Kagan that she had the requisite experience and judicial acumen to serve on the Court.

Collins also said Kagan had the right judicial philosophy to serve on the Court. “I was pleased to hear…she viewed the Court as having a limited role,” she said.

Collins said she would wait until the Senate Judiciary Committee completed its confirmation hearings before making her decision on the nominee. But, she did offer a hint about Republican strategy regarding the nomination. “At this point, I do not see any grounds for a filibuster,” she said.

Kagan made progress in gaining Brown’s support by apparently allaying his concerns over her opposition to the campus presence of military recruiters when she was dean of Harvard Law School because of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.Brown said Kagan had “honestly” answered his questions about the controversy and said that after meeting with Kagan, “it was very clear to me that she would be supportive of the men and women who are fighting to protect us.”The issue of Kagan’s stance on that issue emerged as a potential point of contention with Senate Republicans after Jeff Sessions, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, described her opposition to the recruiters as “a big mistake.”Brown did not reveal where he is leaning with his vote on Kagan’s confirmation. “I’m going to continue to evaluate her and reserve my decision,” he said.Kagan also garnered further support from Senate Democrats. Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) offered an effusive evaluation of her. He countered suggestions that she does not have sufficient experience for the Court.”I think if you had to pick some practical experience that would help you be a good Supreme Court justice, running a large law school is probably a pretty good thing,” he said.Conversely, Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.), who last year voted against Kagan’s confirmation as solicitor general, was more circumspect in his assessment of her nomination……



When people question why Brack Obama is the President and Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State …send them here….Obama while much less experienced in the technical part of the political game has something Hillary has to work for….The’ feel’  for the right thing….

This choice so far is right on point….a job candidate that has no history, sort to speak just like him…

A young nice looking woman that has a great educational background….

Another pick from New York….which 1/3 of the justices are from…

And most of all someone not an extremist…..

Someone that moderate Republicans can embrace without getting into trouble….

We’ll see how she handles herself under fire during the week of questioning by Republicans…

But so far so good…

Again….Not someone the liberal’s would NOT pick…..

The Dog


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  2. Some notes:

    “And won’t hold her lack of time on the bench against her ( Does that have something to do with having been the Dean of Havard Law School? )”

    This will be like asking Irving Berlin about song writing.

    Defiantly overqualified!

    And it’s Harvard with an R. Appeal rejected!

    “We’ll see how she handles herself under fire during the week of questioning by Republicans…”

    Why on earth should a US court get involved with British Soccer clubs like “Citizens United”?

    And will Al Franken ask her how she feels about “Law and Order” being canceled?

    PS: Spector is preparing his barbecue.

    Comment by Manila Calling! | May 14, 2010 | Reply

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