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Jerry Brown…..The Practical Politcian…..

Top cop

In his race for Governor……


Brown, 72 years young.and The California Attorney General ….is falling back on his ability to see where he wants to go…

Without  a rigid idelogy……unlike some politicians…

This has always made it easier for him to deal with things and people……

And he’s out there runnin……..

And the Dog says ……


Across more than four decades of holding or seeking public office, one of the defining characteristics of Jerry Brown has been political flexibility: an admirable lack of ideological rigidity to his admirers, a failure of political principle to his detractors. His four-year term as the state’s attorney general has underscored that quality.

Brown has sided with prosecutors over civil libertarians, made gun control advocates wary, encouraged those who want to limit civil lawsuits and disappointed some consumer activists. On those issues, he has surprised liberals, some of whom suggest that his positions have been politically calculated toward a run for governor.

At the same time, he has also taken the relatively rare step of challenging two voter-approved laws in court, Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriage and Proposition 209, limiting affirmative action. The California Supreme Court unanimously dismissed the novel legal theory Brown advanced against the marriage ban. On affirmative action, the court is considering Brown’s argument that in certain cases, Proposition 209 might violate the U.S. Constitution.

Brown, 72, bristles at the suggestion that he has been inconsistent. His performance as attorney general shows that he is “very open-minded” and receptive to others’ views, he said in an interview. “Knee-jerk ideology doesn’t impress me much.”

But those who have followed him for decades said Brown has long been defined by a willingness to change his mind.

“When circumstances change, Jerry will change,” said Bob Stern, president of the Center for Governmental Studies, who worked for Brown three decades ago in the secretary of state’s office. “You have to give him some credit for that, but at the same time, people get frustrated because they don’t know where he will be.”


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