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This American Iraq Village outpost still is in the fight…..

[ An ( Real* ) American soldier during a night mission in which members of his unit looked for improvised explosive devices in Ash Shura. ]

*The image looks like a Video game one…But this guy is the real deal……

While we are all convinced that things are quiet and going well in Iraq…..

In some places that is not so…….

The American troops stationed in ASH SHURA are still taking fire…….

The Sunni/Shiite tensions are still high in the area that still has many of Saddam’s old army personnel around…..

“They only attack Americans,” said Capt. Russell B. Thomas, the commander of Alpha Company of the First Battalion of the Third Infantry Division’s Second Brigade.

They may only attack Americans now, but with all combat troops scheduled to leave Iraq by the end of August, military commanders worry that this area in northern Iraq offers a glimpse of a post-American Sunni insurgency, led by formerSaddam Hussein loyalists intent on overthrowing the Shiite-dominated central government.

Some in the American military view the insurgents in this area, a group called the Men of the Army of Al Naqshbandia Order, as a greater long-term threat to stability here than Al Qaeda in Mesopotamiawhose top leadership was recently killed by American and Iraqi forces not far from this village.

Lt. Col. Michael A. Marti, an intelligence officer with Task Force Marne, Third Infantry Division, said the group had a more cohesive militarylike structure than Al Qaeda — many were military officers under Mr. Hussein— and the worry among American military officers is that once the Americans leave they will turn toward attacking Iraqis. Many experts say the probability goes up if the nation’s Shiite majority does not give Sunnis a meaningful role in the new government being formed now in Baghdad. Under Mr. Hussein’s government, Sunnis, while a minority in Iraq, were in power.

“There’s a longing to return to that,” Colonel Marti said.

In most of the country, the Iraqi Army and the police are the visible face of security, with Americans largely out of public view. Not here. When American units left city centers last June, they largely took on advisory roles, training Iraqi security forces and responding to attacks only rarely and only at the request of the Iraqis.

In this village, the Iraqi security forces are more thinly staffed than elsewhere in the country, and a liberal interpretation of the security agreement that binds Iraq and the United States has Americans playing a more active role on the streets and in the scrublands of this village, than in many places in Iraq.

“There is no battalion right now in Iraq that has this lethal fight,” said Lt. Col. Richard R. Coffman, commander of the First Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment, of the Third Infantry Division’s Second Brigade.

In recent weeks the United States military announced that several of the top Qaeda figures were killed in northern Iraq, the result of joint operations between Iraqis and Americans. The military announced that one of those leaders, Abu Suhaib, was killed by Iraqi security forces. In fact, according to Lt. Col. Michael Jason, the brigade operations officer for the Third Infantry Division’s Second Brigade near Mosul, it was an American unit firing from a Bradley Fighting Vehicle that killed Mr. Suhaib.


*The image looks like a Video game one…But this guy is the real deal……

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  2. does the soldier have a spotlight on his gun?

    what is that circular thing on the “underbelly” of his gun

    Comment by Timothy Leal | May 15, 2010 | Reply

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