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Follow-up on the overrunning of Combat OutPost Keating……

For those of you who read about OutPost Keating ……

This is a follow-up on the overrunning of that Outpost in Naray, Aftghanistan…..


The brave men of the US Army and their actions to save themselves and their fellow comrades….

And the tough road to the realization that winning…….

Isn’t always about killing more of the enemy…..

That it is about KNOWING  the  patch of land you’ve been ordered to hold…

Knowing its history and why one people hate another people there..

The facts of their local arguments……

About knowing the fact that certain people will never fight like your people fight..

And using that knowledge to find a solution to a problem…

Bottom -up……

Eight U.S. troops were killed in the Oct. 3, 2009, battle at Combat Outpost Keating, making it one of the deadliest fights for Americans of the Afghan war. For soldiers, the harsh reality of combat has scarcely changed in the decades since Vietnam. To survive, the outnumbered Keating grunts relied on their mutual devotion and marksmanship.

What makes Keating different from past battles is what happened afterward. A decade of fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq has forced battlefield commanders to accept that victory in today’s wars is less a matter of destroying enemies than of knowing how and when to make them allies. This new kind of war has compelled midlevel officers such as Brown to take on new roles: politician, diplomat, tribal anthropologist.

“My goal is to get people to stop shooting at my soldiers and support government,” said Brown, a wiry, quick-talking officer whose three combat tours have imbued him with modesty, skepticism and a little self-doubt.

After the Kamdesh battle, an insurgent leader known as Mullah Sadiq sent word to Brown that he wanted to drive his more radical Taliban rivals from the area around the Keating outpost. Sadiq, who had been on U.S. kill-or-capture lists for five years, needed money and Brown’s help brokering a peace deal with Afghan government officials in Kabul. The offer was Brown’s chance to ensure his eight soldiers didn’t die in vain.

“We don’t think Sadiq is a Jeffersonian Democrat,” Brown wrote of Sadiq in a February e-mail from Forward Operating Base Bostick in Naray. “But he is rallying public support to the Afghan government and against the Taliban. . . . And frankly, that may be good enough.”


My original post on the overrunning of Outpost Keating……


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