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Just My Opinion: The Kid Factor…….Up 4 Discusssion……

From JSin.……

As the majority of my readers know, I prefer to take a neutral position in the majority of my discussions.  This time around I’ll be doing something a little different.  This discussion will be based solely on my opinion.  As such, I encourage you, the reader, to comment and share your personal opinions on the topic as well.

Kids.  That’s what this discussion is mainly about.  More specifically, it’s about dating individuals who have kids.  In my opinion, I believe that men and women have completely different views when it comes to dating someone who has a child.  Plain and simple, I think that men are more inclined to date a woman who has a child than a woman is to date a man with a child.

‘Why?’ you ask?  Allow me to explain.

The Preference

Let’s get one thing clear, whether a man or a woman is willing to date someone with a child, the fact remains that it is likely far from their ideal situation.  The truth is most single people would prefer to date or get involved in a relationship with another single person, who does not have any children.  Yet, sometimes we happen to meet a person who has many of the qualities that we prefer and is exactly the type of person that we would like to get involved with.  BUT…they have a kid.  Is it the end of the world? No! Far from it.   But in most cases it is or can be a minor setback.

Me & My Child

Let me explain what I mean when I say ‘setback’…..


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