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SE…..With Predictions on tomorrow’s Primary voting…….

May 18 Primary Predictions

Here are my predictions for the upcoming Primaries on May 18:

KY-SEN GOP Primary:

Paul 53%
Grayson 44%
Stephenson 2%
Martin and Scribner poll either at or below 1%.

KY-SEN DEM Primary:

Mongiardo 51%
Conway 45%
Price 3%
Buckmaster and Farmer poll either at or under 1%.

Paul beats Mongiardo 51-49 in the General.

KY-03 GOP Primary:

Lally 50%
Reetz 41%
Hausman 4%
Durbin 3%
Wicker 2%

Lally loses to Incumbent Democrat Yarmuth 53-47 in the General.

KY-05 DEM Primary:

Prince 59%
Holbert 35%
Stepp 6%

Prince loses to Incumbent Republican Rogers 69-31 in the General.

KY-06 GOP Primary:

Barr 48%
Kemper III 39%
Lockett 8%
Barnes 4%
Pendergrass 1%

Barr loses to Incumbent Democrat Chandler 55-45 in the General.

AR-SEN DEM Primary:

Halter 47%
Lincoln 44%
Morrison 9%

AR-SEN GOP Primary:

Boozman 47%
Baker 24%
Holt 19%
Hendren 7%
Coleman 2%
Alexander, Ramey, and Reynolds will poll either at or below 1%.

I see Boozman beating Halter 55-45 in the General.



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