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Daniel……Reviewing Tuesdays Primary Races with Unofficial Election Results: 2. Arkansas

Hello Folks!

Let’s Review Tuesdays Primaries a bit with Unofficial Election Results:

2. Arkansas (Natural State)

Democratic Senate Primary

Politico (AP) with 98,9 of Precincts reported

Incumbent Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln  145,269 Votes =  44,5 %  (Run-Off June 8th)*
Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter  138,701 Votes =  42,5 %  (Run-Off June 8th)
D. C. Morrison  42,372 Votes =  13,0 %

Lincoln leads by 6,568 Votes

Republican Senate Primary

Politico (AP) with 98,9 of Precincts reported

U. S. Rep. John N. Boozman  74,020 Votes =  53,0 %*
’04 GOP Senate Nominee Jim Holt  24,281 Votes =  17,4 %
State Senator Gilbert Baker  15,851 Votes =  11,3 %
Conrad Reynolds  7,054 Votes =  5,0 %
Businessman Curtis Coleman  6,886 Votes =  4,9 %

Run-Off Elections June 8th 2010

Democratic Senate Run-Off

Incumbent Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln
Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter

AR 1st Congressional District (Democrats)

Tim Wooldridge
Chad Causey

AR 2nd Congressional District (Democrats)

Joyce Elliott
Robbie Wills

AR 3rd Congressional District (Republicans)

Steve Womack
Cecile Bledsoe

Races for November (so far)

AR 4th Congressinal District

Incumbent U. S. Rep. Mike Ross (D)
Beth Anne Rankin (R)

Daniel G.


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