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A Response to the New York Times on the May 15 HS Female Flag football piece……

The Dog is always quick to acknowledge when he gets something wrong….

And the Dog IS NOT PERFECT….

He makes mistakes…

We have just received an email about the New York Times Female Flag Football post from May 15…..

We are reproducing Nancy Hogshead-Makar’s letter  back to the New York Times…..

She is not happy about how the author did the piece…….
To the Editor:
Your article, “No Tackling, but a Girls’ Sport Takes Some Hits” took my comments out of context when they pitted myself, a gender equity advocate, against the sport of flag football and the girls playing the sport. How absurd. The real story was a harsh critique of the Florida High School Athletic Association and their failure to provide girls with equal educational opportunities, the test for Title IX compliance. Any sports association starting a regional sport that does not enjoy an existing infrastructure like soccer did in the 1980s is obligated to work cooperatively to provide girls with similar opportunities it provides its male athletes.  For over 10 years, flag football players alone have lost out on the $1.5 billion annually in college scholarships and the abundant educational and economic benefits that research confirms flows from the competitive nature of varsity sports. Meanwhile, the FHSAA has yet to sponsor other popular girls’ sports, such as field
hockey, crew, water polo, and archery.
Of course Florida high school girls are enthusiastic about their sport; they’re  starved for sports opportunities. Nationally, 50% of all high school students are provided with sports opportunities; Florida provides just 30% of which only 41% of this small pie goes to girls.
No gender equity advocates are “hitting” flag football; its the FHSAA who should get tackled.

This from  Donna Lopiano Ph.D…..President Sprots Management Resources who was quoted in the piece…and disagree’s with way her quote was presented in the New York Times piece……

I was accurately quoted as recommending that high school add flag football for girls but my remark was incorrectly juxtaposed to comments of others who maintained that flag football would not fulfill an institution’s Title IX obligations.  My point was that the missing piece of the Title IX puzzle has been the lack of commitment by state and national governance associations, conferences and institutions to work together to expand opportunities for girls.  If flag football for girls was added with these agencies acting in concert to solve the problem of simultaneously offering regular season and post season competition against other institutions offering these sports, such action would be consistent with Title IX requirements.   Conferences and national governance associations consisting of member institutions that are recipients of federal funds, have the same Title IX obligations, to support member institution efforts to remedy historical discrimination and they should do so.
Donna A. Lopiano, Ph.D.
Sports Management Resources

The windup…….

Donna Lopiano and I are saying the same thing — the sports governing bodies (high school athletic associations, college conferences) must work cooperatively in order for new girls’ sports like flag football to grow.  We have a suspicion that a few sports organizations do just the opposite — they work cooperatively to limit sports opportunities for girls.  Under the law, if there is no “reasonable expectation of competition” for a particular sport, a school is not obligated to start that sport, even if they have 1000 girls with lots of former experience in the sport, and lots of interest and enthusiasm for playing.  If no school within the a college conference started flag football (or lacrosse or field hockey or crew — take your pick), any one particular member school would not be required to add that sport.
The FHSAA is not doing so for the sport of flag football.

I hope this clarifies.  Regards, NHM

The Dog is only happy to present this here….

Here’s our post……..link…..with the link to the original New York Times piece…..

Keep at it ladies!


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