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Daniel……Hawaii 1st Congressional District Special Election Coverage….

Hello Dog Pound!

The Deadline to drop off Ballots in the Hawaii 1st Congressional District Special Election will be over in one Hour.

State Election Officials in the Aloha State are preparing to announce a Winner shortly after the Deadline.

Meanwhile Republicans are pretty confident that Honolulu City Councilman Charles Djou (R-HI) will prevail.


Daniel G.

The Vote Totals…….

Congressional District I

98 of 98

(R) DJOU, Charles 67,274 39.5%*

(D) HANABUSA, Colleen 52,445 30.8%

(D) CASE, Ed 47,012 27.6%

(D) DEL CASTILLO, Rafael (Del) 654 0.4%

(N) STRODE, Kalaeloa 489 0.3%

(N) BREWER, Jim 269 0.2%

(D) LEE, Philmund (Phil) 254 0.1%

(R) COLLINS, Charles (Googie) 192 0.1%

(R) AMSTERDAM, C. Kaui Jochanan 169 0.1%

(D) BROWNE, Vinny 149 0.1%

(N) TATAII, Steve 123 0.1%

(R) CRUM, Douglas 107 0.1%

(R) GIUFFRE, John (Raghu) 82 0.0%

(N) MOSELEY, Karl F. 79 0.0%

Blank Votes: 134

Over Votes: 880 0.5%













170,312 53.7%











285 0.0%

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Open Thread for May 22nd…….

It’s Saturday……The Dogs weekly spend money day…

We only have one of our pups at home…

But every Sunday we bring all of them home for a BBQ…..

Makes Mom and Dad feel good….

Andrew Cuomo starts the ball rolling, So doe Blumenthal…..

Rand Paul is finally going to give it a rest and take the rest of the weekend off from the media…

Hillary needs to do a good job cooling tensions on the Korean Pensulia while covering the South’s back…

Obama keeps the pressure on for more government movement….

Tiger Woods divorce isn’t going to be so easy afterall…

And the Oil keeps coming……

Oh, Yea….

The Mets still suck…..And Jerry’s gonna get fired……

Does Lebron come east?

And the US deals with Russia and China to get some juice for Iran…

Ain’t gonna work though….

They’re gonna get a bomb…..

Comments People!


Shout outs to Jack, Scott P, SE, BDog, TalkandPolitics, JSin, Oligarch Kings, TPL, Terry, Manila, DSD and all the members of the Dog Pound……


Daniel does the Idaho Results  TONIGHT @ 10:00 PM……

Thank You Folks for your support!

And the Dog Biscuits! (He, he, he )

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Daniel…..Washington Senate: Dino Rossi (R-WA) expected to announce Senate Candidacy next week

Hello Dog Pound!

It looks like the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee (NRSC) and his Chairman are very close locking up yet another Top-notch Senate Recruit.

POLITICO hinted at this last week and now POLITICO’S Mark Allen confirms it:

Former State Senator and two-time Washington State Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Dino Rossi (R-WA) is expected to throw his HAT into the ring against 3-Term Senator Patricia Lynn “Patty” Murray.

“THE SCOTT BROWN EFFECT” — The heavily courted Dino Rossi is expected to announce WITHIN A WEEK that he’ll seek the GOP nomination to challenge Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), confidants tell Playbook. That’ll give a psychological boost to the GOP, even though he’d still be a long shot. Part of the sale to the two-time gubernatorial candidate: the boffo environment exemplified by Brown’s upset victory.


I tell you what. I trust POLITICO. If they say something they’re usually right.

Daniel G.

Personally …..I think he should go for Governor

The Dog

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Talkandpolitics……Hardball Matthews shutting up babe…..

Watch this:

CHRIS MATTHEWS (speaking rapidly): I found with 220,000 miles of oil pipeline in this country they have one federal guy looking out for this. It’s a joke. They do not regular the oil industry –


MATTHEWS: The oil industry is completely … (pause) You know, my dear, you’re beautiful but if you concentrate you can keep up.

The audience and Leno go nuts. Clip.


NoteIt’s all in good fun..but some females ain’t gonna be happy with that one…..

The Dog

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Democrats will probably still have Super-Delegates in 2012…..

While the policy seems to be a open target for the media and the process…

Those Democratic party leaders are reluctant to give up being part of the process….

Look for the number of them to drop..


Still be there……

Ordinary delegates must line up during the presidential nominating convention with the candidate who won their state. But about 850 party leaders — among them House members, senators, state governors and members of the Democratic National Committee — may cast their ballots for whomever they choose.

These superdelegates, or unpledged delegates, acted as de facto tie-breakers in the close 2008 primary between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The system was criticized by some because of the possibility that the superdelegates might tip the scale away from the nominee backed by a majority of Democratic voters.

A panel, appointed by President Obama, has recommended largely doing away with the current system. Former superdelegates would retain some of their influence in that they would be allowed to abstain from the nomination vote.

The proposal was greeted Friday with skepticism by many members of the DNC’s rules committee, all of whom are superdelegates themselves.


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Wall Street Financial Reform Bill……Winners and Losers…..

Someone had to do the early talley……

This from Erra Klien over @ The Washington Post……


— Community banks: Exempt from the hefty regulatory fees assessed on larger banks and left mostly free of a new consumer watchdog bureau’s oversight.

— Hedge funds: Could reap a windfall if big banks are ultimately forced to spin off their derivatives-trading businesses.

— Derivatives exchanges: Mandatory clearinghouses for derivatives trades could make their expertise in the market for these securities more valuable and increase their business.

— Institutional investors: Gain greater say over the makeup of corporate boards.


— Community banks: Hit by restrictions on an investment commonly used to satisfy minimum reserve requirements.

— Big banks: Face new restrictions that could cut their profitability by barring them from trading with their own money and forcing them to spin off some lucrative trading operations.

— Credit card companies: Have far less power over fees charged to retailers on credit-card transactions.

— Consumer credit lenders: Pawnbrokers and payday lenders would be subject to greater scrutiny from the consumer protection watchdog.

— Ratings agencies: Face new legal liability if their judgments on the safety of investments turn out to be wrong.

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Blumenthal will be the Connecticut Democrat nominee for the Senate race……McMahon leads for the GOP nomination….

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut like his counterpart in adjoining New York State is running as the democrat for higher office…..

It has been a very, very rough week for the man…..

Linda McMahon and the New York Times have been giving him body blows on some slips of the tongue he has made about his Military service…

Blumenthal served in the Marines as a Reservist*…but Did NOT  do combat service in Vietnam…..

There is now another question about his College swim team status……

The Convention was subdued…with members discussing the military issue at length….

But in the end Blumenthal got the nod…..

Meanwhile…on The Republican side….

Linda McMahon out polled  Rob Simmons ( A Vietnam Vet ) at the GOP Convention by 737 to 632 votes to become the lead GOP candidate for the senate spot….

Simmons has vowed to stay in the race until the primary….

We’ll see how that goes….McMahon has a boatload of money and sharp elbows…from wrestling…..

……..what should have been a raucous display of unbridled enthusiasm, given Mr. Blumenthal’s tireless glad-handing, favor-banking, and headline-grabbing in 20 years as attorney general, was complicated by a palpable sense of uneasiness.

Over cider doughnuts and fries before his speech, delegates and V.I.P.’s could be heard debating whether the damage to Mr. Blumenthal’s Mr. Clean reputation would be lasting and threatening or merely a speed bump on his road to victory.

A firestorm of criticism of Mr. Blumenthal, who has never faced such a test, was set off Monday night, when The New York Times reported that Mr. Blumenthal had sometimes claimed to have served in Vietnam. In fact, he received five deferments that allowed him to avoid the war and, among other things, travel abroad to study and work in the White House.

In the article in The Times, Mr. Blumenthal was quoted as telling an audience in Norwalk in 2008, “We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam.”

Mr. Blumenthal said he never intentionally misled the public about his military record, and stated that there were numerous occasions on which he accurately described having joined the Marine Corps Reserve and served stateside during the war.

Conventioneers seemed for the most part to have forgiven him. Bernard Kavaler of West Hartford, an employee of the state university system, insisted Mr. Blumenthal’s travails this week might have hurt him with “probably a handful of people,” but that “the people of Connecticut are well aware of the difference he’s made for this state.”

But Carolanne Curry, a delegate from Westport, said she had abstained from the roll-call vote because Mr. Blumenthal had passed up a “golden opportunity” to apologize. “People were ready to hear it,” she said, referring to his nationally televised news conference on Tuesday. “But to equivocate, and defend — it was just too much for me. What’s the matter with ‘I’m sorry’?”

“You don’t put yourself out there as the height of integrity and get yourself caught up in such self-deception,” she added. “It just will not work on the floor of the United States Senate.”

Also Friday night, Linda McMahon, a pro wrestling executive who has vowed to spend $50 million on her campaign if necessary, won the endorsement for Senate at the Republican convention, held nearby. She defeated Rob Simmons, a Vietnam veteran who served three terms in Congress. Ms. McMahon received 737 votes, to 632 for Mr. Simmons.

Mr. Simmons said he planned to stay in the race, as did a third candidate, the businessman and financial analyst Peter Schiff. The primary is Aug. 10.


* The New York Times even in this piece does not acknowledge that Blumenthal did in fact serve in the military as a Marine Reservist…..What gives here?

Note…Millions of people lie on their resume’s…….I don’t think it’s right…..And guys that are Attorney General’s should get a bit taken out of them….but not necessarily lose their jobs…But they should be mindful of their predicament when applying the law during their duties……

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Andrew Cuomo IS RUNNING……….

After all the silent running….

The New York State Attorney General….Andrew Cuomo…..

Has declared that he IS running for New York State Governor this fall…..

The son of Mario Cuomo is 30% ahead of either possible GOP contenders Rick Lazio or Steve Levy….

Which his numbers are sure to fall……

The consensus out there is that he WILL be the states next governor……

He will be formally picked as the Democratic nominee on Tuesday May 25, at the Democratic Convention in Rye Brook, New York….

Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo announced his campaign for governor with a video released early Saturday morning, finally making official his entrance into the race for governor this fall.

Mr. Cuomo’s announcement comes only days before the state Democratic convention is scheduled to begin Tuesday in Rye Brook, N.Y., and follows months of private planning. Mr. Cuomo has no competition for the Democratic nomination and has been moving to assert control over the state party, and the 2010 ticket, for several months. Gov.David A. Paterson, a fellow Democrat, withdrew from the race in February. “I’m Andrew Cuomo, and I’ve always worked for you,” Mr. Cuomo said in his one-minute-47-second video. “Over my career, I’ve worked to help the homeless, students, consumers and the taxpayers who are outraged by Wall Street bonuses. I’ve worked for you, but now I need your


Mr. Cuomo also released a longer 21-minute video in which he described his policy positions on a range of issues, from same-sex marriage, which he supports, to a plan to have the state borrow money for its short term fiscal needs, which he opposes.

He planned a formal announcement in downtown Manhattan later on Saturday.The video echoes an approach taken byHillary Rodham Clinton, when she launched her 2008 presidential campaign……

For More……..…..

Daniel’s announcement…….

Hello Folks and Good Morning!

Finally we’ve the Announcement the entire Democratic Establishment as well as “The Dog” was waiting for. Folks, we’ve BREAKING NEWS out of the Empire State.

New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has OFFICIALLY declared that he is indeed running for Governor of New York.

His new Website will be:


Story from POLITICO


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