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Wise Words: RISE & SMILE….From Up 4 Discussion…..

From JSin.….

I know I write a lot of discussions on relationships, but I would like to do something different.  Not only would I like to assist my readers with reflecting on their relationships and friendships, but I want to inspire and motivate each of you.

  • I want YOU to know that you can achieve and conquer ANYTHINGthat you set out to.
  • I want YOU to be Fearless, Strong and Determined.
  • I want YOU to smile, be happy and LOVE LIFE!

Therefore, each week I will post a quote, some inspiring words or possibly a story to EmpowerMotivate and Inspire YOU.


“We must define ourselves by the best that is in us, not the worst that has been done to us.”

– Edward Lewis, Publisher, Essence Magazine

It is important for us to step out of our comfort zone.  Yes, it may be scary or uncomfortable outside of it, but we cannot allow our own fears, guilt, unworthiness, depression or anger to hinder us from realizing our dreams and accomplishing our goals.


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