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Bill Clinton joins the effort to get an American World Cup Soccer Championship in America in 2012 or 2018….

Mr. Clinton

And the former president can still kick a soccer ball……

When President Bill Clinton came onto the field at the Children’s Aid Society on 118th Street in Harlem on Monday, May 17, Juan Pablo Angel, the star of the New York Red Bulls, rolled toward him one of the soccer balls that he had just been using in a clinic for 30 local schoolchildren. Instead of picking the ball up and carrying it to the podium to convey that Mr. Clinton had accepted an invitation to join the USA Bid Committee, as honorary chairman, to bring the FIFA World Cup to the United States in 2018 or 2012, the former president adjusted his stride and struck the ball back to the center of the field. Mr. Angel kicked it back again, and Mr. Clinton returned it, this time with more oomph.

“His first touch wasn’t so good, so I gave him another chance,” Mr. Angel joked.

Mr. Clinton huddled away from the media with the some of the other Red Bulls before going over to shake the hands of the kids. He could be seen lifting his knee repeatedly in the air, looking like an excited but debonair flamingo.

“He was saying that Pele years ago had shown him how to stand on one leg and kind of juggle the ball with his thigh,” Chris Albright, a Red Bulls defender, explained later. He said Pele was shocked at how well he did, and the president responded, ‘Hey, I’m not that old. I’ve still got some left in me.'”

Although Mr. Clinton did not play soccer growing up in Arkansas, his daughter, Chelsea, was on a team by the age of 5. At the podium, he expressed his many emotional connections to the beautiful game and made the case for why the World Cup should come back to the United States and what it could do for the culture and economy……..


Note….It will be tough getting a American venue…..Soccer is a game unto itself and American politics is opposite the game which embraces a large amount countries whose political leans are 180 degrees from this country….


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  1. I like it when THIRD WORLD countries such as SOUTH AFRICA get the venue because it gives them a UNIQUE opportunity that they NORMALLY dont have

    Comment by Timothy Leal | May 24, 2010 | Reply

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