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Daily Manila…..The Border…….

So First Alert can’t do everything.

Big surprise.

I say go with land mines and especially machine guns in guard towers!

So I can get a job.

That gives a 80% pension after 20 years.

And the Indians (Asian immigrants) had no permission to be here either.

And they used to rob and kill each other.

Over roots and berries.

And an occasional slave or squaw.

Who knew how to cook the roots and berries.

But not horses or firearms.

Creating the Indian way of life.

Like in the old western movies.

The European’s introduced those dog soldiers.

So be warned!

North America was once part of Ireland before the Continental shift took place.

A woolly Mammoth told me so!

So if your not Irish

You have to leave!

(Right after the next beer.)

May 24, 2010 - Posted by | Blogs, Counterpoints, Crime, Government, Law, Manila @ PoliticalDog, Media, Military, Politics, Updates | , ,

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  1. So if your not Irish

    You have to leave!

    Bloody fucking time to RAISE FIST


    IRA PRIDE TIME in Greenville

    Comment by Timothy Leal | May 25, 2010 | Reply

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