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US foreign policy reverts back to the cold wars days…..It is based one country……Iran….

In dealing with the coup Iran pulled on the United States last week…….Turkey has found out what other counties know….

America has but one single overriding foreign policy credo……

“Help us stop Iran from obtaining a bomb’…

Secretary of State has travel around the planet several times trying to line support for sanction against Iran’s drive for a bomb…only to be out played by other countries that do not share Washington view that Iran is to be stopped at ALL Costs…..

Turkey and Brazil’s agreement with Iran to take HALF of their nuclear material only cements the issue in the world’s eyes …that Iran is winning the race with America on their march to get the bomb…..And don’t fool yourself….that plays good outside the eyes of the western media…

Turkey ( a Muslim Country like Iran ) now is dealing with phone calls from Obama and implied threats from the US……..on our unique relationship…

They need not worry….

The US needs over flying routes over Turkey by the US Air Force too much to get too pissed at them…..

Besides…they ARE out NATO partners also……

But the fact remains the United States measures its friends by their willingness to join the sanction line against Iran….

This is shades of the old cold war lineup against Russia and China…..how ironic for them to hear the American’s plotting against someone else……

Turkish mediation of an agreement for Iran to ship abroad part of its stockpile of low-enriched uranium has threatened the Obama administration’s efforts to win consensus at the U.N. Security Council on a new package of Iran sanctions and thoroughly irritated U.S. officials.

A rougher patch in relations could be on the horizon if Turkey — a key Muslim NATO ally crucial to U.S. efforts to stabilize Afghanistan and Iraq — works to forestall a sanctions vote or votes against sanctions on Iran.

“We’re always going to have important issues with Turkey that we’re going to cooperate on. But, of course, on a matter so important to us, it will inevitably have an impact on the way Americans and Congress and the president will interact with Turkey,” a senior administration official said.

The clash over Iran follows a rough patch in the relationship that emerged earlier this year after a House committee labeled as “genocide” Ottoman Turkey’s killing of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915. In response, Turkey temporarily recalled its ambassador to Washington. To defuse the diplomatic spat, Obama refrained from using the word “genocide” in a statement he issued last month to commemorate the deaths.

This month’s spat resulted not only because of ideological differences over the best way to deal with Iran’s nuclear program, but also as a consequence of growing Turkish confidence as it seeks to assert itself as a regional power.

Turkey’s leaders “want to increase the independence of Turkish foreign policy from the U.S. They see these kinds of things as an opportunity to form a more independent foreign policy,” said Gokhan Bacik, an associate professor of international relations at Turkey’s Zirve University.



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