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Case will run again…..For now…..

After the split of the democratic vote in the Hawaii Special House seat election you’d think  Ed Case would get the message….

Give it up!

But right now his bruised ego won’t let him do that….

From 5,000 miles away the Dog can see that the race in November is going to be a native one….

Djou against Hanabusa…..

It’s not pretty but Case is going to find himself standing alone….The voters will migrate to Hanabusa….

I’m sure some polling will show this in the next month or two….

While the Dog…and everyone else thought it would be the other way……Daniel seems to right in this race……

Any mention of Obama…even though he’s hometown favorite….hurts the candidate…..

I said this about Hanabusa …and I was wrong…..Now I repeat this for Case…..

Give it up Ed…..For the parties sake….leave it for Colleen (Hanabusa )…..

Despite a disappointing third-place finish in the Hawaii special election, former Democratic Rep. Ed Case said Monday he will still compete for the Democratic nomination and declared that there is no way state Sen. Colleen Hanabusa can defeat Rep.-elect Charles Djou in November.

“I went surfing; I went to the beach; I did look at the results, and I made the decision that I’m running again,” Case told POLITICO.

“My basic message to my party is that Hanabusa cannot beat Djou and I will. The results prove that in spades. … He will hold his votes and enough of the people that voted for me will vote for Djou to get him over 50 percent.”

His comments make clear that the bad blood between Case and Hanabusa during the special election has not subsided, and that both are headed towards a repeat of their divisive special election feud, which led to Republican Charles Djou winning Hawaii’s traditionally Democratic 1st District this past weekend.

Djou won the seat with 40 percent of the vote, but Hanabusa finished in second place with 31 percent, a surprising finish since most pre-election public polls showed her lagging well behind in third place. Case instead brought up the rear, with 28 percent of the vote.

Case attributed his third-place finish to being attacked by both Djou, who viewed him as the strongest challenger, and third-party labor and women’s groups, which poured money into the district on Hanabusa’s behalf.


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  1. I told y’all about Asian Pride but the DNC never listens to me

    Comment by Timothy Leal | May 25, 2010 | Reply

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