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Daily Manila……Don't Ask…Don't Tell……

So “Don’t ask, don’t tell!” is turning into “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away?”

It is the privy privilege of the Commander-in-Chief to set this policy. Obama wants to point to someone else when the heat gets turned on. Also please note post-election December follows election November so this goes no where if the Congress changes (and it will.)

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  1. the delay is simply a LOOPHOLE for discrimination

    just as the OUTCRY over migrants is a LOOPHOLE for discrimination

    I support BUSINESS rights and BUSINESS laws DICTATES the less customers the less funds

    people should have EMBRACED Rand Paul statements as simple BUSINESS RULE ( the right to say NO to business and the economic downfall of such)

    you think New York City business would prosper if they started a MASS NO to visitors

    of course not ..but it should be a GIVEN that doesnt require a MANDATE

    Comment by Timothy Leal | May 25, 2010 | Reply

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