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Daily Manila……..Louisiana……Oil spills…..CD?

I suggest this is much, much worse than Katrina.

I have stocked up on frozen shrimp for the summer too.

God, I hope horseradish production isn’t harmed or else I will have to stock up on sauce.

Note: That opened, half finished jar of shrimp cocktail sauce lost in the back of your refrigerator for years does not count! (Just don’t use the skin part!)

In China the BP executives would be shot.


And is this Bush’s fault?

I guess you can not shoot the mentally retarded.

And do all Texans suck?

Tell us CD!

These Republicans who use Ronald Reagan and these Democrats who use JFK, RFK, Teddy, or even MLK as a shield for their selfish behavior are the snake oil salesman of the last 50 years.

False Prophets! (See Mitt in your frickin’ Waggles!)

We MUST drill but I would never vote for off shore drilling off the New England coast unless the current were favorable to sending a spill into the middle of the sea under the current enforcement system.

Checks and balances should rule!

It’s the American way!


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