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DSD……State Opening of the new Parliament at Westminster and the Queen…

At the State Opening of the new Parliament at Westminster, Queen Elizabeth delivered the Queen’s Speech, written by the government of the day and giving a general outline of the next year’s legislative programme. It’s rather similar in function to the U.S. President’s State of the Union Address.

Among various measures proposed by the Cameron-Clegg Coalition are the scrapping of national identity cards and other authoritarian legislation, election of big-city police commissioners (seems like a terrible idea to me, while elected police authorities would be good), monetary incentives to educate deprived children (the “pupil premium”), fixed five-year parliaments and a minimum no-confidence vote of 55%.

The real pain ($10 billion in spending cuts) will come in an emergency budget on June 22nd. When the full budget is completed, there will be far more pain; the 6-billion-pound ($10 b) cut is just an appetizer, which the Tories insist should be served now, while during the election campaign, both Labour and the Liberal Democrats followed the great Liberal economist John Maynard Keynes in saying it should wait until the economy stops falling.

See Queen’s Speech: Cameron hails ‘radical’ programme

Details here:

Bill-by-bill: All the measures in the 2010 programme at-a-glance

Following tradition, the first response to the Queen’s Speech was delivered by the acting Leader of H.M. Opposition, Harriet Harman (Labour).

Watch fifty minutes of her speech and David Cameron’s rebuttal (and/or read a written summary) here:

Queen’s Speech: Harman attacks ‘Loveless Coalition’


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  1. Unlike the modern State of the Union speech, the Queen’s Speech was rather dry and lasted only 8 minutes. (No applause lines every 15 seconds or pointing out worthies in the galleries to be applauded.) It’s the video segment accompanying my first link above:

    Queen’s Speech: Cameron hails ‘radical’ programme

    Comment by Democratic Socialist Dave | May 26, 2010 | Reply

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