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Rand Paul changes campaign managers…..

Can he change himself next?….

Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul has replaced his campaign manager with a former communications aide to his father’s presidential campaign, an aide to Paul tells POLITICO.

Jesse Benton, who served as communications director for Rep. Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential bid, will take the official title as campaign manager, replacing David Adams.

Adams will remain on the team and serve as campaign chairman.

The shuffle comes a week after the GOP nominee caused an media firestorm by making ambiguous comments about his support for the Civil Rights Act.


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For those with no TV…..American Idol…..Lee DeWyse Wins!

Lee DeWyze, the host Ryan Seacrest and Crystal Bowersox.

Kudo’s to CD..Who nailed it!

The show was great!……

9:52 P.M. Back to Crystal and Lee
9:52 P.M. Back to Crystal and Lee

LT: Oh yeah. Ryan Seacrest just reminded us that tonight is about Crystal and Lee.
DI: Who are they again? Were they also on “Good Times” with Janet?
LT: The TV says that “together they took a journey to become something extraordinary” So i guess that rules out “Good Times.”
DI: Mr. Joe Cocker
LT: I was just about to type, Too bad there is no way Joe Cocker is going to show up.
DI: Did you also hear Crystal emphasize the “living” part of “living legend”? Remember when they asked, What would you do if I sang out of tune? Now we’re getting the answer.
LT: Stand up and applaud?

9:49 P.M. Nasty Boys!

DI:Get nasty with… Rorschach from Watchmen?

9:47 P.M. Updates From Twitter

@ChrisSligh: Lasers!!!!!! And pitchy singing!!!! It’s like being at a Milli Vanilli concert in 1989!!!!
@brucefretts: It’s Janet Jacula!
@Kateaurthur:This Janet Jackson performance is actually understated and lovely. What’s going on?????
@DanielFienberg: Whew. I was afraid that Miss Janet if Your Nasty had been replaced by that Boring Janet.

9:45 P.M. Janet Jackson Performs

DI: Janet Jackson: attire by Jean Paul Gaultier, hair by Kid n’ Play.
LT: There’s kind of a Morticia Addams thing going on with her dress, no?

9:43 P.M. Brian Stelter via Twitter

Perhaps the most important words of the night. Paula Abdul: “Idol” won’t be the same without Simon, but “it will go on.”
After song, Simon affirmed that “Idol” would continue. Cynical journos in auditorium (not I!) whispered, “X Factor, X Factor.” One even wondered whether Simon would plug his Fall 2011 reality show. Of course not; he has 16 more months to do that.


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Daniel……..Polling Summary for Wednesday, 26th May, 2010…..

Hello Folks!

Here is my Polling Summary for today:

Minnesota Governor:



Emmer (R)  37 %  ,  Dayton (D)  35 %  ,  Horner (I)  12 %  (Rasmussen Reports Survey)
Emmer (R)  38 %  ,  Kelliher (D)  36 %  ,  Horner (I)  11 %  (Rasmussen Reports Survey)
Emmer (R)  37 %  ,  Entenza (D)  34 %  ,  Horner (I)  12 %  (Rasmussen Reports Survey)

California Governor:

[ Brown and Whitman ]

Brown (D)  43 %  ,  Poizner (R)  42 %  (Rasmussen Reports Survey)
Brown (D)  45 %  ,  Whitman (R)  41 %  (Rasmussen Reports Survey)

Oregon Senate:

[ Huffman and Wyden ]

Wyden (D)  51 %  ,  Huffman (R)  38 %  (Rasmussen Reports Survey)

Massachusetts Governor:

[ Patrick and Baker ]

Patrick (D)  42 %  ,  Baker (R)  29 %  ,  Cahill (I)  14 %  ,  Stein (G)  8 %  (7News / Suffolk University)

South Carolina Governor:

[ Haley and Rex ]

Haley (R)  45 %  ,  Rex (D)  36 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)
Haley (R)  44 %  ,  Sheheen (D)  34 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)
McMaster (R)  42 %  ,  Rex (D)  36 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)
McMaster (R)  43 %  ,  Sheheen (D)  36 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)
G. Barrett (R)  38 %  ,  Rex  (D)  36 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)
G. Barrett (R)  43 %  ,  Sheheen (D)  33 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)
Rex (D)  40 %  ,  Bauer (R)  38 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)
Sheheen (D)  38 %  ,  Bauer (R)  38 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)

California Senate:

[ Boxer and Fiorina ]

Boxer (D)  45 %  ,  Fiorina (R)  42 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)
Boxer (D)  46 %  ,  DeVore (R)  40 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)
Boxer (D)  47 %  ,  Campbell (R)  40 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)

Daniel G.

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Update on the Wall Street Financial Reform Bill……

This from desmoinesdem over @ MyDD……

These thirteen senators have been named to the conference committee that will reconcile differences between the financial reform bills approved by the House last December and the Senate last week. They include eight Democrats and five Republicans, eight members of the Banking Committee and five from the Agriculture Committee. The House will also have 13 representatives on the conference committee; House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank has recommended these eight Democrats, but I haven’t seen a list of the five Republican members yet.

On the key differences between the House and Senate versions of financial regulations, see Pat Garofalo’s Wonk Room chart and this post by David Dayen. Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa, who is one of the conferees, promised yesterday to

“do everything in my power to preserve the bill’s integrity, strengthen its consumer protections, and stop the reckless financial wheeling and dealing that destabilized our economy and threw millions of Americans out of work. And, given the dangers they pose if not properly regulated, I plan to focus on preserving the key reforms in the Senate-passed derivatives portion of the bill. The Restoring American Financial Stability Act is a step in the right direction, and I look forward to improving it in conference.”

Harkin has his work cut out for him if he wants to preserve the Senate language on derivatives.Dayen wrote last week,

Everyone expects the 716 provision, which forces the mega-banks to spin off their swaps trading desks, to be excised in conference. But Michael Greenberger believes something like it will be retained. The House’s derivatives piece is a mess and nearly useless, but [conference committee chairman] Barney Frank has admitted a mistake on that front, and wants to preserve strong rules against derivatives, like in the Senate bill.

The smart money is on the conference committee dropping the strong derivatives language after the Arkansas Democratic primary runoff election on June 8. Until then, corporate hack Senator Blanche Lincoln needs to be able to brag about standing up to Wall Street lobbyists.


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Daniel…….Washington Senate: BREAKING NEWS (Announcement); Dino Rossi (R-WA) OFFICIALLY declares Senate Candidacy against Incumbent Patty Murray (D-WA) + SENATE MAJORITY now in play

Hello Folks and Good Morning!

Folks, the long wait is finally OVER. We’ve BREAKING NEWS out of the Evergreen State: Former State Senator Dino Rossi (R-WA) officially declared his Senate Candidacy shortly after 7am PT / 11am ET on his new Campaign Website.


THANK YOU Dino for putting yet another Democratic-held Senate Seat in play.

Daniel G.

Dino’s Daniel’s guy…Not the Dog…..

Lets’ see what happens…..

Daniel was right…he IS running….

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Wanna Know Wednesday: Sexual History……From Up 4 Discussion…..

From JSin.…..


It’s Wednesday and we have a very intriguing discussion for you today. The focus of today’s topic is on the sexual history of your partner. We want to know, how much would you or do you require a partner to reveal to you about their sexual history?

Are you the type of person who wants to know itall? Or are you content with knowing justenough?

Let us know how much you have to know in the poll below and feel free to elaborate on your answer by leaving a comment.

Thanks and enjoy the discussion!

Take the Quiz and More….

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The Oligarchy Kings……America’s Financial Oligarchy……

Catch a falling buck and put it in your pocket never ever let it go….

I had been considering where the money for our young oligarchs comes from. Speculating on the possibility that they have decided to cover their bases in the financial sector, as well as the political,  I happed upon Lorimer Wilson’s excellent article“America’s Financial Oligarchy is still in control”.  Here he reprises Simon Johnson a chief accountant with the IMF in 2007 and 2008 who wrote “The Quiet Coup” in the May 2009 issue of the Atlantic magazine.

It is a little old, being from 6 April 2009, but as relevant today as then.  I recommend you read it.

“The crash has laid bare many unpleasant truths about the United States.  One of the most alarming is that the finance industry has effectively captured our government” says Johnson.  “If the IMF could speak freely about the US it would tell us what it tells all countries in this situation: recovery will fail unless we break the financial oligarchy that is blocking essential reform and if we are to prevent a true depression, we’re running out of time”.

Well, serious stuff indeed, and the rest of the article suggests various ways forward.  But I was struck by the idea here that there was also a Financial Oligarchy in the US to go along with the Political one.  Two oligarchies in the one country?  No.  I think it’s two aspects of the one oligarchy and that, should we decide to poke about on the boards of directors, we might start to meet all sorts of old friends.


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Talkandpolitics…..Specter: The Aftermath…

D-PA Sen. Arlen Specter escorted his primary rival and last weeks winner Joe Sestak to a Democratic lunch today, where he met Harry Reid and a few other senators for the first time.

A little gesture from Ole’ Arlen.



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For CD….A Defense of Chrystal Bowersox on American Idol……


Crystal Bowersox


Hey CD…..I had to post this up for ya…..

And my son…….


From Sarah Wildman over @ Politics Daily……

Dear Crystal,

Win, girl, win! Single momma; soul sister; street child.Crystal Bowersox, you’ve won me over. For the first time in nine seasons, I’m an “American Idol” fan, and it’s all because of you. Before you, I’d never turned on the program, never cared if starmaker Simon Cowell stayed or left the show, never knew if he was grumpy or nice. Never watched Paula Abdul, never noticed she was gone. (Though, if I’m honest, I do love Ellen. Of course.)I got to know Kelly Clarkson when she had hit songs, not when she sang for Fox’s live audiences. I never called in. I knew Ryan Seacrest from awards shows, but not from “Idol.”
Until there was you.

Partly, of course, Crystal, it’s your voice. Soulful and Janis-like (Joplin, but if you have to ask . . .), you channel Melissa Etheridge. You’ve got a direct line to all those belty-hippie chicks that came before you. You’ve got talent, girl. When you sang “People Get Ready” and you cried, well, I teared up too. Your version of“Midnight Train to Georgia” Blew. Me. Away. And I totally agreed with Ellen, who said she “couldn’t have asked for more” from your take on Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed.”


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Governor Patrick of Massachusetts is up 13%……….

While some had written off after the Scott Brown GOP win….

It hasn’t worked that way…

Deval Patrick, the Democrat,  is comfortably ahead in his state..and should sail on to re-election…..

From Politicalwire…..
A new Suffolk University poll in Massachusetts finds Gov. Deval Patrick (D) leading the three-way race for governor with 42%, followed by Charles Baker (R) at 29% and Tim Cahill (I) at 14%.

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