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Boeing is wrong……

In it’s attempt to out manuever EADS…

Boeing is crying wolf about EADS and AirBus subsidies in building aircraft….

Calling a EADS/Airbus a threat to National Security…..

They are doing this knowing fully well that…..

  • Their company gets American subsidies in research and taxes….
  • That they have not even built one tanker to the US bid spec’s
  • That the Europeans are being sold on the American F-35….but have been locked out of the Marine one and First Tanker award AFTER BOTH awards where won by non- American companies
  • The EAD’s A-330’s will be built by American’s in Mobile Alabama…

I have brought up a solution to this problem several times…..

Do a joint buy of Boeing 767’s and Airbus A-330’s

This would make everybody happy …… The Europeans, The people in Washington State that work for Boeing and the people who live Alabama who will work for AirBus…..

Contrary to Defense Secretary Gates…..Having TWO different tankers only duplicates what we have now in two tankers (KC-10 and KC-135)….

We actually have a third type of aerial tanker ..the C-130….But who’s counting?

Boeing is urging lawmakers and Pentagon officials to factor national-security implications into their decision about who should replace the Air Force’s Eisenhower-era tanker fleet.

EADS North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of the European aerospace and defense conglomerate EADS NV with headquarters in Germany and France. The governments of France, Germany and Spain all hold stake in the conglomerate.

Sean O’Keefe, the CEO of EADS North America, said his company has all the security arrangements to handle the sensitive and classified technologies.

But Boeing is distributing literature on Capitol Hill singling out EADS NV as not having to abide by U.S. laws on corporate integrity, and for trying to market its wares to Tehran. EADS North America is subject to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The laminated, pocketbook-sized handouts Boeing is giving to lawmakers also claim that for reasons of national security, the United States has never bought a critical military system from a foreign-owned or -controlled company.

This is not the first time Boeing or its congressional supporters have tried to make the case that awarding the contract to EADS could represent a national-security threat. The Hill reported in 2008 that Boeing and its congressional supporters, such as Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.), used a classified CIA briefing on questionable business practices in an effort to discredit the company’s rival.

EADS North America was partnered with U.S. defense giant Northrop Grumman for the tanker contract at the time. After Boeing successfully overturned the tanker contract awarded to Northrop and EADS in 2008, Northrop Grumman bowed out of the new tanker competition earlier this year. EADS North America announced it would continue in the competition as the sole bidder.


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