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For CD….A Defense of Chrystal Bowersox on American Idol……


Crystal Bowersox


Hey CD…..I had to post this up for ya…..

And my son…….


From Sarah Wildman over @ Politics Daily……

Dear Crystal,

Win, girl, win! Single momma; soul sister; street child.Crystal Bowersox, you’ve won me over. For the first time in nine seasons, I’m an “American Idol” fan, and it’s all because of you. Before you, I’d never turned on the program, never cared if starmaker Simon Cowell stayed or left the show, never knew if he was grumpy or nice. Never watched Paula Abdul, never noticed she was gone. (Though, if I’m honest, I do love Ellen. Of course.)I got to know Kelly Clarkson when she had hit songs, not when she sang for Fox’s live audiences. I never called in. I knew Ryan Seacrest from awards shows, but not from “Idol.”
Until there was you.

Partly, of course, Crystal, it’s your voice. Soulful and Janis-like (Joplin, but if you have to ask . . .), you channel Melissa Etheridge. You’ve got a direct line to all those belty-hippie chicks that came before you. You’ve got talent, girl. When you sang “People Get Ready” and you cried, well, I teared up too. Your version of“Midnight Train to Georgia” Blew. Me. Away. And I totally agreed with Ellen, who said she “couldn’t have asked for more” from your take on Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed.”



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