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For those with no TV…..American Idol…..Lee DeWyse Wins!

Lee DeWyze, the host Ryan Seacrest and Crystal Bowersox.

Kudo’s to CD..Who nailed it!

The show was great!……

9:52 P.M. Back to Crystal and Lee
9:52 P.M. Back to Crystal and Lee

LT: Oh yeah. Ryan Seacrest just reminded us that tonight is about Crystal and Lee.
DI: Who are they again? Were they also on “Good Times” with Janet?
LT: The TV says that “together they took a journey to become something extraordinary” So i guess that rules out “Good Times.”
DI: Mr. Joe Cocker
LT: I was just about to type, Too bad there is no way Joe Cocker is going to show up.
DI: Did you also hear Crystal emphasize the “living” part of “living legend”? Remember when they asked, What would you do if I sang out of tune? Now we’re getting the answer.
LT: Stand up and applaud?

9:49 P.M. Nasty Boys!

DI:Get nasty with… Rorschach from Watchmen?

9:47 P.M. Updates From Twitter

@ChrisSligh: Lasers!!!!!! And pitchy singing!!!! It’s like being at a Milli Vanilli concert in 1989!!!!
@brucefretts: It’s Janet Jacula!
@Kateaurthur:This Janet Jackson performance is actually understated and lovely. What’s going on?????
@DanielFienberg: Whew. I was afraid that Miss Janet if Your Nasty had been replaced by that Boring Janet.

9:45 P.M. Janet Jackson Performs

DI: Janet Jackson: attire by Jean Paul Gaultier, hair by Kid n’ Play.
LT: There’s kind of a Morticia Addams thing going on with her dress, no?

9:43 P.M. Brian Stelter via Twitter

Perhaps the most important words of the night. Paula Abdul: “Idol” won’t be the same without Simon, but “it will go on.”
After song, Simon affirmed that “Idol” would continue. Cynical journos in auditorium (not I!) whispered, “X Factor, X Factor.” One even wondered whether Simon would plug his Fall 2011 reality show. Of course not; he has 16 more months to do that.


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